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Aztec Products

Developed: 2013
Description: Aztec knew the quality they could expect from DDA as they had designed and built their first site, so in 2011, when they were ready to update the website for a more contemporary look and feel, they knew to whom they would turn. The new website serves numerous functions. As a search engine marketing platform, it contains keyword-rich content to attract a target audience with industry-relevant terms. Its various forms and tools help facilitate communications with current and future customers. Finally, the website serves as the central information destination point to describe the full Aztec product line to an online audience. Featuring a colorful, attractive design, big, bold menu choices that make navigation a breeze, and an eye-catching animated logo and an icon of rotating green cleaning messages, the website conveys a sense of a company that is forward-looking and ready to meet any challenges that the future may bring.