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Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI)

Developed: 2012

The advanced wound care product manufacturer Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI) came to DDA in January 2012 to design this unique, comprehensive eLearning platform. The platform delivered specialized content to over 1,000 KCI sales associates based on both their district and area of specialty. This included a large assortment of multimedia training materials and custom interactive quizzes designed by DDA to ratify the retention of the information presented. The platform also tracked the highest performers by specialty and district with a live leader board to encourage active participation through a competitive spirit.

A variety of powerful administrative features were built into the back end of the KCI eLearning platform, allowing KCI to manage access, send out blast email communications with users, track usage, populate quizzes, and generate reports. These reports included, among other things, the date of last log in for each user as well as all completed quiz scores. DDA designed a beautiful GUI for the platform that helped to further establish KCI’s brand, while taking care to ensure that the user experience was a pleasure with an intuitive navigation system and a number of useful interactive features.