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Building a brand and increasing sales in the U.S. takes consistent dedication and a marketing and advertising agency that has a firm knowledge of your business’s competitive landscape. DDA USA™ will not only help you create a brand for your company, products, or services to promote U.S. recognition and reputation, and develop the online and offline marketing tools that generate leads, but will help you manage the process for current and future business growth. With every point of contact, your brand should be reinforced; with every quarter’s projections, your sales should be realized. Through U.S. advertising and marketing, DDA USA™ will help you reach both goals.

Brand Development and Management
There are certain commercial icons in American culture that range from the font used by Campbells Soup, to the swoosh used by Nike, to the color pink used to campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness. When people see your logo, tagline, graphic, or another device, they should be able to immediately know your company’s name and consciously or subconsciously correlate it with quality. DDA USA™ offers U.S. branding and corporate identity services for the development of an image – whether it is a logo or symbol, tagline or slogan, color or typography, message or theme, graphic or design, language style or tone, or any combination thereof.

You need a solid brand image that works now and that can evolve over time as you expand more products or services or corporate divisions. Once we have established your corporate brand, we can then build it to ensure that it is current in terms of trends and of the direction you wish to take. Managing the brand is critical in the long term, and you need a partner that will work with you from conceptual development through successful years of business, and to the next generation of growth. For consumers or investors, your brand should be the first thing they think of when they’re ready to spend. DDA USA™ will make sure your company is well positioned, and able to compete successfully within your industry.

Sales Strategy and Management
The objective of any business – national or global – is to increase the bottom line. By producing a great product, providing a quality service, and employing a knowledgeable and friendly staff, you have a strong basis for success. But, that’s not enough. You also need the right tools to facilitate converting a lead into a sale, and then into a loyal customer. DDA USA™ offers sales management and consulting services to help you acquire better control of your business and a strong foothold in the U.S.A. We can develop sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that effectively runs entire sales departments from contact management to sales cycle completion and on-going customer retention and business development. We can also create custom sales training tools, so that your team represents your company well and knows what it takes to succeed within your business.

Sales management is great for companies that have business to maintain, but all companies are constantly struggling to build market share and grow profitability. Through competitive research and marketing analysis, DDA USA™ offers sales strategy consulting services to help you ascertain what form of marketing will most benefit your company. From direct mail to trade show graphics, from trade ads to search engine marketing, from email marketing to animation, video, widgets, and more, we provide the custom development services and work with you to formulate a strategy that will increase your bottom line. With the right strategy in place and DDA USA™ as your U.S. and global marketing and advertising agency to help facilitate development and management, your company will go from the unknown to the unparalleled.


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