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As more countries begin to make a shift towards an open market economy, there are infinite opportunities for global brands. However, the diversity of people, and their customs, beliefs, consumption patterns, and spending capabilities makes global marketing a complex arena. For this reason, you need a U.S. branding, marketing, and corporate identity company with solid experience and innovative ideas to lead your business to future success. DDA USA™ has been helping businesses – large and small, corporate and medical – build effective brands that reach targeted customers regionally, nationally, and worldwide.

Components of Branding and Corporate Identity Services from

• Logos & Symbols – our graphic designers work with you to create logos and symbols that best represent your business and convey the right impression of your company.

• Tagline Development – our copywriters strive to understand your place in the world and develop a concise tagline that connects on a logical and emotional level with you consumers.

• Color & Typography – our graphic designers work to improve your color, layout, and font choices, or create new options based on analysis of how your existing brand is currently seen.

• Language Style & Tone – our copywriters draft content in the language and tone that is consistent with how your company wants to be  perceived.

• Graphics and Design – our graphic designers implement graphics and design elements that visually express your business’s strengths and objectives.

• Messages and Themes – our copywriters intertwine messages and themes into content to ensure that the most important points are effectively communicated.

Build a Great Brand and Take your Business Global
A single sign, symbol, term, name, or design, or any combination thereof can constitute a brand. At a glance, consumers, end users, investors, and colleagues should be able to identify your company and understand its capabilities and value right away. But marketing and branding in the U.S. and abroad is not necessarily about getting customers or clients to choose your company over another; rather it is about getting them to see your company as the definitive solution to their needs. Your brand should be consistently integrated into every point of contact from viewing a television commercial to interacting with a website.

Your corporate identity should be distinctly unique, but flexible enough to weave into the cultural fiber of one specific country or many worldwide. It may be a good strategy to implement one logo and one tagline cross culturally, or it may be more suitable to maintain the logo, but develop alternate taglines depending on the marketed region. Bottom-line, viewers should be able to recognize your company and understand what you offer so when a need arises, they know to contact you first.


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USA Marketing for Foreign Firms
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