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Online or on the TV, Americans enjoy watching broadcast media to stay informed and be entertained. In fact, broadcast media has become so important to our society that most people depend on it to keep us connected, whether it is to drive consumerism or to stimulate interest. Unlike other marketing and advertising agencies that don’t have the big picture in perspective, DDA USA™ knows how to utilize live and prerecorded video for effective TV and Web broadcast advertising, as well as interactive CD-ROM and DVD marketing to attract and engage a targeted U.S. audience. Tune into this marketing and advertising opportunity with DDA USA™ and reach prospective national or global customers while they hear the latest news story or watch their favorite sitcom.

What You Need to Know About U.S. Web, TV, CD-ROM/DVD Interactive Video Advertising
Generally speaking, Americans spend more time watching television than they do for any other leisurely activity. To add to that, they’re doing it through the digital cable on the TV set, as well as through the Internet connection on the computer or on the mobile device. While many Americans who watch TV on a traditional set or flat panel frequently take commercial breaks as an opportunity to get tasks done or converse on the subject at hand, those who watch programs on the computer are shown to be significantly more engaged. Traditional television commercial advertising is not a bad way to gain exposure, however, online TV video ads and interactive CD and DVD video advertising may be a better way to not only be seen but be heard.

What DDA USA™ Can Do to Help You Stay a Cut Above the Competition
Together, DDA USA™ and DDA Video™ work to provide you with the best in interactive and broadcast video production services for effective U.S. and global marketing and advertising. We have a firm understanding of the U.S. consumer, and the experience and capabilities needed to create video ads for broadcast on the TV or the Internet, as well as interactive, flash videos for distribution on CD or DVD. We have a scriptwriting department fully capable of working with you to craft a message that is conveyed as intended. Our professional videographers shoot footage on location or in our state-of-the-art video and audio studios. Our video editing, flash animation, and special effects enhance any video so that it far exceeds your expectations.

If you want to connect to your U.S. customers through video ads on the media they use the most – the Web, the computer, the phone, and the TV – then DDA USA™ is a business video advertising agency you can’t afford not to work with. Contact us to find out how we can prevent your commercial ads from being ignored and instead ensure that they provide your business with the type of exposure that generates valuable leads and new customers or clients.


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