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Take your business global by connecting to customers or clients based around the world through interactive online marketing and advertising from DDA USA™. Unlike other marketing and advertising agencies, DDA USA™ has pioneered the industry with experience in Internet advertising and search engine marketing dating back to 1996. In fact, we have been named as one of the Top Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S. by Goldline Research. With a diverse service offering, we not only provide an objective perspective to help you determine the most effective global web marketing solution, but we are the definitive source for reaching thousands of viable customers on the World Wide Web.

DDA USA’s Online Advertising and Marketing Services Include:
Natural (or Organic) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – At DDA USA™, we implement a proprietary and proven search engine optimization process that consists of extensive competitor marketing analysis, keyword research, SEO copywriting, visitor conversion, site architecture and navigation, pre- and post-launch optimization, and more. Through this process, we are able to achieve hundreds, if not thousands of first-place and first-page rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN for our clients. Since we are a results-based search engine marketing firm, we provide our clients with a series of metrics reports that indicate the number of visitors, the length of their stay, how the navigate the site, what search engine they used to find you, your sites rankings, and much more.

Custom Website Design and Development – While other website design companies use template, brochure-style software to create a site, DDA USA™ employs degreed and talented professional graphic designers that create custom websites, developing them from scratch with the corporate identity and branding exclusive to a given organization. Taking into account usability, navigation, hierarchical organization of information, corporate colors, logos, and fonts, imagery, etc., our graphic designers produce sites that are as unique as they are functional short and long term.

Google Video Adwords – As people crave information quickly and easily, video becomes a viable medium to promote, educate, inform, train, or entertain. Search engines are capitalizing on this concept by selling video advertising space. DDA USA™ can design, develop, and produce Google Video Adwords for your company, so that they get found on search engines and engage targeted viewers.

Contextual Ads – Instead of marketing to the general public and hoping that you’ve reached at least a few good prospects, contextual advertising allows you to hone in on people already searching for the products or services you offer. DDA USA™ prepares your contextual ads with the proper keywords and submits them to search engines so that they display on a web page that is relevant to a given search.

Pay-Per-Click Programs – Capture the interest of people already searching the Web for your products or services with Pay-Per-Click advertising. Bid on keywords relevant to your products and services and pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement. DDA USA™ can help you develop a Pay-Per-Click campaign that works to generate the highest possible return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Viral Marketing – Start spreading the word about the benefits of your products or services to customers based regionally, nationally, or globally through viral marketing services from DDA USA™. From email marketing to social media, we craft a strong message that encourages others to share it with friends, family, and colleagues. Before you know it, your brand will be recognized by colleagues, competitors, and customers.

Social Media and Web 2.0 – Utilize the largest communication medium to your advantage by investing in the social media and Web 2.0 services of DDA USA™. As people make use of the Internet in new, innovative ways, your company can harness the power of leading social media and networking sites, like YouTube and MySpace by relying on an expert United States interactive online advertising and marketing company, like no other, DDA USA™.

Social Media Optimization – In blogs and discussion forums, people are given the opportunity to converse with others all around the world. Through social media optimization services from DDA USA™, you can use this opportunity to advertise your products or services while people debate your area of interest or topics associated with your industry.

Email Marketing – Checking email is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Consequently, email is a great way to reach your targeted demographic. Email marketing from DDA USA™ is designed for your needs, and can range from a brief promotion for a new product line to a full newsletter with integrated links and interactive imagery.

Banner Ads – To further refine your targeted online marketing and advertising, DDA USA™ offers custom banner ads. Eye-catching and engaging, our banner ads are designed to display on web pages relevant to your products or services, and to promote a click-through action to your company’s website, generating both traffic and user interest.

Reputation Monitoring and Repair – To give you more control over your company’s public personna, DDA USA™ offers reputation monitoring services. We can determine if someone has posted negative commentary about your company on the Web and override it with positive remarks that create the right impression.

Mobile Marketing – Cell phone messaging is the biggest growth platform in interactive advertising and perhaps, the biggest opportunity.

DDA develops hybrid eLearning multimedia experiences that combine animation, video, text, and more as synchronized media to create rich eLearning course content that visually conveys complex medical topics in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner. Hybrid medical eLearning platforms are often developed with extremely broad interactivity parameters to ensure users stay focused by keeping active with the course content, controlling their reception of the multimedia to fit their particular learning style. Hybrid eLearning platforms by DDA offer the realism of video, the detail of 3D model-based animation, the simplicity of 2D animation, the personal touch of voice-over narration, and the straightforward information presentation of text and images to give users many perspectives to help them fully comprehend the information conveyed. DDA provides all services in the creation of its hybrid eLearning platforms, including 3D modeling and animation and video production at its own video and animation studios. Learn more about the advantages of hybrid eLearning. Contact DDA today.

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