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Quality and Value Collide with DDA's Production of DVDs and CD-ROMs

High quality Corporate, Educational Videos, Instructional Videos, and Medical Videos usually come at high costs in video production. At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), never pay a penalty for professional CD-ROM and DVD production. DDA's full-service advertising agency outshines the competing video production company with an extensive background using interactive, computer-based tools, innovative special effects (fx), animation, exceptional editing in post production, actors, scriptwriting, and mass production of DVDs and CD-ROMs. DDA's video production services generate marketing success for our clients.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!As a full-service advertising agency, DDA offers conceptual design integration as an option for our CD-ROM and DVD replication service. From Disk Label and Case Design to the content of the disc, integrated media exercises the full capabilities of DDA, all facets of a production company with abundant video services under one roof. Interactive Integration™ engages and entertains the user so your company video production remains a vital marketing tool long after the DVDs and CD-ROMs are distributed.

Other video production companies are satisfied with cheap DVD duplication, however DDA respects quality assurance, considering it a science as well as an art form. Many CD-ROM and DVD duplication services offer clients a copy burned from an original disc, resulting in difficulties with hardware compatibility. At a highly competitive cost compared to other video production companies, DDA utilizes DVD replication services, using a glass master to 'stamp' copies. The result is affordable DVDs from a comprehensive media production company. Higher rates of compatibility mean you reach more clients with DDA than with other DVD or video production companies.

DDA's CD-ROM and DVD replication service offers clients innovative solutions for displaying video at trade-shows, meetings or seminars with:

  • Mini-CD-ROMs and DVDs
  • Custom-Shaped CD-ROMs
  • Business Card-Sized CD-ROMs and DVDs

Evolve with Interactive Video Production Services

DDA surpasses most CD-ROM and DVD duplication services and video production studios through its unique marketing concepts. With the innovative use of CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, DDA allows your company to link to other websites, track whether a disc has been played, and survey user experience. Conventional DVDs offer only conventional chapter selections and content is fixed. Using CD-ROM technology, content can be changed by editing a central website accessed through the disc. This enables clients to adapt to a user's experience based on time, day of week, special offers, or questions answered. At DDA, we customize individual projects to ensure the most successful marketing services for you.


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