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The Process of Producing a Corporate Video with DDA

Achieve a Superior Corporate Service Sales Video through DDA's Refined Production Process

Prove to your target market that your company is innovative, modern, and beneficial for them with a state-of-the-art Corporate Service Sales Video by DDA, the leader in digital advertising. Since 1994, DDA has been leading the digital revolution, adopting the latest in production technology, and even creating some new techniques of our own. DDA surpasses all other production studios by offering the latest techniques and technology in film production as well as cutting edge marketing. Whether you need a print brochure, trade show display, or a marketing video, DDA offers the range and quality of services you need to stand out from the thousands of other companies, to get your message heard, and achieve dramatic results. Read below to find out how DDA takes you through the process of creating the best Corporate Service Sales Video.

With DDA, You Control Your Corporate Sales Video

DDA has reinvented the process of producing Corporate and Medical Videos to create a linear and streamlined progression, resulting in fantastic videos and extremely happy clients. From the very beginning, you have complete control over how your Corporate Service Sales Video is produced, and at DDA, we keep you involved throughout the process. Have as much or as little creative input in the film as you desire, but even if you'd rather leave the details to us, you will be updated at every stage when we ask for your approval. This guarantees that you'll know exactly what your Corporate Service Sales Video will be like, and when it will be completed. No matter what kind of video product you need, whether a New Product Launch Video, a Trade Show Video, Streaming Website Video, Product Showcase Video, Educational Video, or another kind of video, DDA has a stress-free process that delivers effective Corporate Videos.

More Services for a Flexible Process and High Quality Corporate Services Sales Videos

The video production process at DDA is more flexible and conducive to creativity than any other film or video studio. The reason is because DDA is not just a video production studio; DDA is a full-service digital advertising agency with the longest list of marketing and production related services in the industry. Our one-of-a-kind list of services allows clients to rely on just one company to handle all of its marketing needs. Some DDA's services include the following:

Get the edge on your competition by making a Corporate Service Sales Video with DDA, a powerful secret weapon in any marketing strategy. With DDA, your options are virtually limitless. Use all of DDA's video production services, or pick and choose the options you want for your Corporate Video; you pay for only the services your use. DDA can work with existing footage, modify and improve a script or screenplay, and we can even handle casting due to our nationwide Actors' Network. No matter what your Corporate or Medical film needs, DDA can do it all.

Get Effective Corporate Videos with DDA, Regardless of Your Location

Since the beginning, DDA has strived to re-invent the way films and videos are made. By applying the ideas of lean manufacturing to video production, DDA has radically changed the way movies are made. By modularizing the various steps in production, we allow our clients to choose the precise services they want, gain direct access to the experts and artists working on their project, and utilize the latest technology all the while retaining an affordable rate. Work with DDA, and experience the benefits of working with a video production company committed to quality, service, and efficiency.

Virtual reality is the use of interactive immersive environments to simulate real-world experiences on digital platforms. DDA leads the industry in applying virtual reality technology to practical eLearning solutions for businesses and medical organizations that deliver bottom line results. Virtual reality is at the core of DDA’s own virtual medical simulation technology, which combines live action video and voice-over narration with imported models of medical equipment, custom clinical environments, animation, custom programmed passive and interactive simulations, certification, and additional image and document support for a complete learning experience that targets all the senses and learning styles. Virtual reality allows for the most accurate reproduction of real-world learning experiences without the inherent risks associated with real-world practice, thus functioning as the perfect step into learning new procedures and equipment. DDA’s first virtual-reality-based VMS application, the Philips XperGuide (the first in a series of four VR apps for the company), won it the first ever awarded Tabby Award for Best Healthcare iPad App in 2012. The potential for virtual reality to expand eLearning capabilities continues to grow with the advances of the technologies and computing devices available to support it. Contact DDA today to find out how virtual reality can transform the way you teach, train, and educate.

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