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Three Ways to Work with DDA

Get Customized Attention for High Quality Corporate Services Sales Videos by DDA

Jump into the future with the high-technology production techniques of DDA, a leader in digital advertising and advanced video production. With DDA, you can create Corporate Services Sales Videos that put you ahead of the competition by communicating the value your company and services can offer potential customers. Our videos are modern, stylish and highly marketed for the greatest impact. While other studios or production companies offer only the few services they specialize in, DDA has a full range of options, and offers every service your video project could need, including, writing, casting, storyboarding, filming, editing, animation, special effects (FX), CD-ROM and DVD production, website design, and much more.

Choose from DDA's Preproduction, Production, and Post Production Services for Your Corporate Service Sales Video:

  • You Shoot, We Edit. DDA is equipped with a high-tech studio, sound, and lighting equipment, the latest digital recorders, and talented staff. We have a mobile filming unit for on-location shoots, and affiliated studios and partners across the nation to film your Corporate Service Sales Video at the highest quality. However, if you already have footage, or you'd like to film yourself, DDA can offer the most extensive range of postproduction services for your video, including audio or video enhancement, editing, special effects (FX), 2D and 3D animation, format conversion for website video, DVD and CD-ROM production, CD label and case design, narration and voice over work, and more.
  • Our Partners Shoot, We Edit. As mentioned, DDA has studios across the country and partners who can film your video no matter where you are located; for DDA Everywhere is Local. You no longer have to suffer with the low quality and boring Corporate Videos of the past. Choose DDA and create a Corporate Service Sales Video that is entertaining and gets results.
  • We Do it All. Because DDA is the only full-service ad agency and film production company, we have the ability to handle the entire production process, from conceptualization through integrating your video into a website. Our in-house web developers can even build a website if you need. At DDA, we create whole Marketing Systems™, for an integrated marketing message throughout your advertising campaign. Choose DDA for all of your video production and advertising needs and see the difference!

Get High-Quality Custom Corporate Services Sales Videos With DDA

By offering our clients every service they need for advertising and marketing, DDA not only provides high-quality digital marketing, but we also provide peace of mind. We let our clients relax while we take care of every step in the production of their video, brochure, trade show display, website, or logo. DDA is the only company with the experience, technology, national resources, and talent to offer the best in digital advertising to create the best Corporate Services Sales Videos for your organization. Call today to find out how DDA can help you achieve success.

Synchronous media is the use of video synchronized with text and images to present rich multimedia eLearning content that captures and keeps attention. DDA is an early adopter of synchronized media in medical eLearning platforms, and continues to promote its use for medical eLearning course content which needs to be precisely understood and remembered, detail by detail. Synchronous media affords the end user more control over their experience, allowing them to open and close those media channels most relevant to them, thus enhancing the self-directed learning approach that keeps them personally involved in learning the content. Synchronous media eLearning allows for flexible use of personal libraries, where image, text, document, and even video content can be specifically saved for an individual user’s later review, so they can focus on the material which is most important and/or most challenging to them. DDA provides all services in the creation of its synchronous media eLearning platforms, including casting on-screen and voice-over talent and recording all video and audio either on location or at its own video studios. When you need to ensure that your audience has a firm grip on all the details of an eLearning course, choose DDA to design and develop a custom synchronous media eLearning platform for you. Contact DDA today.

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