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Take a Closer look at Dynamic Digital Advertising for your Corporate Spokesperson Videos

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has dedicated itself to becoming a full-service agency, which is focused on a company's entire marketing effort. While the advertising industry remains fragmented, DDA has become a leader in digital and print advertising and Corporate or Medical Video production, adopting a holistic approach to how we do business. Since 1994, we have continued to grow, continuously adding more and more services so that we can now provide everything needed for a marketing or advertising campaign under one roof. With every client we serve, DDA takes the long view, our concern ranging all the way from the initial concept to the health of a businesses sales following completion of the work. At DDA, we provide copywriting services, website development services, marketing and branding services, casting services, video production services, design services, and programming services, and so much more. All of our services can come together to create your Corporate Spokesperson Video.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!DDA has done it again. Only this time in the field of video and DVD production, including high definition (HD) video. As a production company, and as a advertising and marketing agency, DDA is constantly reinventing, reinvigorating, and recreating different mediums, leading our clients into the 21st Century. Whether it's video services like preproduction services, such as conceptualization, scriptwriting and development, production services like casting, storyboarding, narration, directing, and shooting, or post production work like editing, as well as visual effects, sound effects, and voice over artists, or services off or online, DDA can develop the optimal Corporate Spokesperson Video for your company or healthcare facility. DDA's technological advances are so abundant, we have accumulated a long line of firsts, attributed specifically to us. We are constantly embracing new realities and emerging technologies to transform the advertising industry and better serve our clients in multiple ways including helping your company identity an effective spokesperson talent to help in the branding of your company. From animation and Interactive Integration™ to the capability to shoot infomercials and television (TV) commercials, a Corporate Spokesperson Video or DVD from DDA will include technologies only we can offer. Your video can also be cross-purposed, acting as a promotional piece in direct mail packages, as a way to grab attention during trade show exhibitions, or integrated into your website.

What Makes DDA Different

  1. All forms of digital advertising offered under one roof: At DDA, we offer it all, so that your Corporate Spokesperson Video will have everything it needs from a premier video production company, and anything else you may need for any other advertising need. Get visual, sound, and special effects (FX), voice over artists, and choose from DDA's network of affiliate actors and actresses, all from one location.
  2. Combing our expertise to produce a powerful final video/DVD: When you choose DDA, we will use our years of experience and expertise in various fields to create a powerful marketing package that will benefit your corporation for years to come. We always have the big picture in mind, and will help your company or facility envision the future, so that your Corporate Spokesperson Video, or any of our additional services, will help you realize your end goal. Our staff of designers, programmers, and writers begin working toward your ultimate goal from the start. From a video and media entertainment production company standpoint, we can draft screenplays, scripts, coordinate shoots, and talent like voice over artists for a seamless product.
  3. Marketing Systems™: Whether it's for a Medical or Corporate Video, a television (TV) commercial, or any other service, DDA does not look at any project in pieces. We see the full picture, which is why at DDA we build Marketing Systems™. Any one of our video, digital, or print services can become part of your company's overall system. When you choose DDA, everything about your business, from the health of your sales to the traffic at your website, becomes our concern.

The Big Picture

Many advertising agencies continue to take a piecemeal approach to advertising and marketing. Examining the big picture has been apart of DDA's strategy since the day we opened our doors. For a truly effective Corporate Spokesperson Video, your company needs a business that is concerned about the impact of their work, as much as the quality of the product they're delivering. With DDA, that's what you get. No other company can offer the range of services, quality, efficiency, and affordable prices the way DDA can.


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