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Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA): A Closer Look into our Innovative Approach to Video Production

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has transformed the digital advertising industry and crafted an exhaustive selection of services to bring you the most cost-effective, high-quality video production options available. Trying to stay ahead in this digital advertising age is easier said than done, but DDA has pieced together all of the pieces to a successful advertising and marketing strategy that will help you advance in the 21st century and bring you the results you desire. DDA's cutting-edge technology for Corporate and Medical Educational Videos is just the beginning of DDA's full range of services. All under one roof, DDA offers a comprehensive selection of services, including: exceptional video production, graphic design, programming, copywriting, website design and development, marketing and branding, casting, and so much more.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!DDA's extensive timeline says it all. Since 1994, DDA has been a leading innovator in the advertising and marketing industry by achieving firsts and capturing the true essence of what it takes to put our clients in a position that puts them ahead of their competitors. One of our most powerful marketing packages is Educational Videos/Films for classrooms, healthcare facilities, corporate settings, and more. A key concept to disseminating information about your company is educating your audience first. However, a captivating message must be presented in order to grab the attention of your target audience. Whether it is for Adult or Children's Educational Videos, the integration of 3D animation, elements of graphic design, unique logo design, and more are sure to engage your viewers. Also, your Educational Videos can stream online or can be cross-purposed to DVD or CD-ROM formats. Whatever you desire, DDA can do it all.

What Sets DDA Apart From Other Advertising Agencies and Video Production Companies:

  • An impressive range of digital advertising services under one roof: DDA is your one-stop solution to video preproduction and post-production services, animation, storyboarding, scriptwriting, directing, narration, selection of professional and highly-trained actors and actresses, voice over artists, and more. DDA can meet all of your needs.
  • Combining our experience to produce a comprehensive video/DVD: DDA intertwines our knowledge and experience for an end result of a powerful marketing tool. At DDA, we constantly take the future into consideration and we invest time to review the best techniques and applications to keep up with the ever-changing economy. From start to finish, our experienced marketing professionals, degreed writers, designers and programmers work as a team to strengthen your corporate identity and your Educational Video's message. We can reflect your marketing message in a powerful and seamless fashion.
  • Forming the "new frontier" of marketing and advertising: has taken marketing and advertising strategies to a whole new level by implementing Interactive Integration™, an innovative process of combining technologies, to present products and services in a unique manner. With Interactive Integration™, viewers receive an auditory and visual experience that is unforgettable and leaves a lasting impression. Unlike the video production company around the corner, we can implement a series of multimedia concepts into your television (TV) commercial or Educational Video and add high definition (HD) or special effects (FX).
  • Marketing Systems™: As soon as we undertake a project from any company, the growth of the client's business becomes our concern, too. If you partner with DDA, all of our services and advanced technologies work towards your benefit.

The Overall Picture

DDA surpasses all other video production companies and advertising agencies when it comes down to exceptional service and comprehensive strategies that will lead your company to success. DDA's full range of services is second to none. Let DDA bring your company's vision to life and avoid the ineffective and inefficient methods of advertising and marketing that most advertising agencies and video production studios offer. Contact DDA today.


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