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Far Better than your Typical Video Production Company: The DDA Approach

What makes Dynamic Digital Advertising's (DDA) video production company and full-service advertising agency better than traditional media, entertainment, and television (TV) production companies? Under one roof, all the video services needed to produce a successful Interactive Informational Video, Instructional Training Video, and Educational Video are readily available. Leading the digital advertising industry since 1994, DDA's holistic approach to advertising and video and DVD production has catapulted our clients' companies to success. DDA has not only mastered video preproduction, production, and post production services like stellar 2D, 3D, and flash animation, scriptwriting of screenplay quality, video editing, and special visual and audio effects (FX), but also web design and development, print advertising, tradeshow displays, photography, and more. Our mission is to guide our clients into the 21st century, and we do this by embracing innovation and continually striving to lead the industry in client satisfaction.

With the force of DDA behind the creation of websites with video and sound, viewers will be blown away by the powerful marketing messages brought across. What better way is there to disseminate pertinent information than in an interactive manner in which the user is highly involved? And as an innovator of technology, your company will be able to access exclusive DDA inventions like Interactive Integration™ and Onlivemation™, resulting in Interactive Informational and Educational Videos that will be unlike any other. Plus, DDA looks at the big picture when formulating marketing messages and videos to ensure the health of our clients' businesses. That is why DDA cross-purposes Interactive Educational and Instructional Videos for the Corporate and Medical industries. Have your video stream on your company's website or format it to a CD-ROM; whatever the means, our goal is to reach the greatest audience possible.

DDA's Online Interactive Video and DVD Production Breakdown:

  1. Every form of digital advertising under one roof: At DDA we believe in providing the best services to our clients. That is why we house a talented staff of writers, programmers, video technicians, designers, and more, enabling us to fulfill any request. Create an engaging Interactive Informational Video using DDA with amazing 2D, 3D, and flash animation, or design a logo, brochure, or television (TV) commercial. We even host a network of highly-trained actors and actresses.
  2. Melding our experience and expertise for the best videos and DVDs possible: DDA's staff works seamlessly together to ensure every aspect of your Online Informational Video will meld together to create a lasting and effective impression. From the scripts to the 2D or 3D animations, every aspect of your Medical or Corporate Interactive Video will echo your company's corporate identity.
  3. Redefining video production through innovation: DDA is creating the new frontier of advertising through innovative technologies such as Interactive Integration™. Exciting visuals, animations, sounds, and interactivity create a video experience that captivates its audience.
  4. Successful Marketing Systems™: DDA is far more than your average video production company. We are a full-service advertising agency. Whether you need Online Interactive Videos, websites with video and sound, Corporate or Medical Videos, or television commercials, DDA will deliver exceptional results each and every time. We strive to build for your company a powerful Marketing System™ by improving the traffic on your websites, strong print advertising, and powerful videos.

For Superior Interactive Informational and Educational Videos, Choose DDA

DDA has set out to correct the piecemeal approach to video production and advertising that most media, entertainment, and video production companies utilize. With DDA, no longer will your company have to turn to multiple providers to finish a single project. With the vast amount of services offered under one roof and exclusive technologies, no other video production company can compare to our extensive capabilities.



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