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Dynamic Digital Advertising: Up Close and Personal

It's easy for companies and healthcare facilities to feel frustrated in advertising and marketing, and video production industries that are all too often frequented by fragmented and unfocused agencies and studios. At our beginning in 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) was frustrated too, which is why we set out to change things. In a little more than 10 years we created an agency that caters to all needs of any company or healthcare facility, offering services in video and DVD production, website development, marketing and branding, casting, and so much more. DDA's Infomercials and Medical or Corporate Videos are only one example of how we can ensure your company receives powerful results.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!DDA was founded on innovation, and we can help your company or facility to step confidently into the digital age with video and DVD production services that incorporate the newest technologies. With a long list of firsts behind us, no other video, DVD, or film media and entertainment production company can turn an Infomercial Video, targeted to the business or health industries, into an influential marketing tool. Only DDA can provide scriptwriting and development services, which match the quality of screenplays, animation services, casting services, editing, video shooting, and audio, sound and special effects (FX) all under one roof. DDA can also take Infomercials that feature new products, product demonstration, or professional talent, and turn it into high-definition (HD), format to DVD or CD-Rom, or even turn it into a television (TV) commercial, or stream on websites. Through our ability to cross-purpose, you'll reach more people and attract a greater audience than any other video or DVD studio could produce.

The Difference of DDA

  1. Marketing Systems ™: The marketing and advertising industries, and now the video production industry, have become fragmented because of the way agencies continually offer services. At DDA, we don't think in terms of individual services, we build Marketing Systems™. Every piece of innovative technology and service we offer can become part of a Marketing System™ built specifically to your company or facility. In all that we do, whether it's a brochure or DVD, DDA takes the long view, considering everything from the health of a company's sales to the traffic at its website.
  2. All digital advertising services offered under one roof: DDA offers all that is needed for a high-quality Infomercial or any other Corporate or Medical Video, and all under one roof. Add animation, sound, audio, and special effects (FX) to your Infomercial Video or DVD. Accentuate the introduction of new products or product demonstrations with superior talent for your Infomercial, handpicked from DDA's vast network of professional actors and actresses. Get scriptwriting and development, screenplay services, casting, and video shooting, and editing all from the same place.
  3. Interactive Integration™: DDA has not only adopted cutting-edge technology, we've also invented it. Through the combination of several technologies, DDA developed Interactive Integration™, reaching a whole new plateau in digital advertising. We can now present information in ways never fathomed before. Spoken word can become links, real-life people can interact with simulated images, and so much more. With the development of Interactive Integration™, DDA will continue to reinvent technology, over and over again for years to come.
  4. An integration of services and expertise: DDA's unique approach extends to the way our team of professionals work. Your video or DVD will involve members of our staff, who are highly trained in different skills from videographers and graphic designers to writers and programmers, all joining together to provide top-of-the-line Infomercial Videos and DVDs. Receive the highest level in animation, sound, audio, and visual effects (FX), scriptwriting and development, casting services, and video shooting and editing, all working together to serve your company or facility. Your company also has the opportunity to have Infomercials formatted for television (TV) commercials and streamed on websites.

The Long View

At DDA, everything comes together to better serve your company or healthcare facility. We produce quality and results, and work with you each step of the way, including preproduction, production, and post production. DDA knows that other video, DVD, film and media and entertainment production companies take a piecemeal approach to video production and advertising in general. At DDA, you'll always receive an agency that continuously examines the full picture. For Infomercials that produce results on all fronts, turn to DDA.



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