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Gain the Best in Instructional and Educational Videos from DDA
Looking for an experienced and creative video production company to develop an Instructional or Educational Video for your company? Give Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) a call today. Since 1994, DDA has been providing quality Instructional and Educational Videos to clients in the District of Columbia (DC). Whether you are part of the corporate world or working in the medical industry, DDA is eager and able to handle all facets of video production for you. With services like concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting and development, casting, filming, editing, special effects (FX), animation, and more, no other company has what it takes to provide you with an effective, informative, and most importantly, affordable Instructional or Educational Video that complements both your style and your budget.

Everywhere is Local for Your Training Videos Production
Need a Training Video for your company in Butler County, Centre County, Greene County, Lancaster County, or Wayne County, Pennsylvania (PA)? At DDA, we have turned the video production process into an art form. No longer will you have to let location inhibit you from filming in your desired area. Thanks to our nationwide network of affiliates, you’re able to film virtually anywhere. Additionally, if you require a spokesperson for your video, DDA allows you to select from an exclusive network of actors and actresses who are not only experienced professionals but who have also been handpicked by our company.

Full Service Marketing and Integration for Your DDA-Developed Instructional Videos
For your Instructional Video, let DDA incorporate subtle marketing messages and themes that will reach your target audience. While other digital advertising firms charge a bundle for doing this, we recognize the importance of effective marketing and therefore integrate these messages and themes into every project we under take, free of charge. Need further assistance with your marketing? Our dedicated staff at DDA is more than qualified in strengthening your company’s marketing and branding as well as your corporate identity. Contact us today to find out how we can make a world of a difference for your Burlington County, Camden County, Cape May County, Cumberland County, Morris County, or Warren County, New Jersey (NJ) Instructional Video.

Choose DDA, the Premier Video Production Company, for Your Educational Videos
As one of the nation’s leading media and video production companies, DDA takes pride in knowing that our staff is not only dedicated, but also experienced in creating an informative Educational Video for you and your company. In fact, professionals from a wide array of different industries make up our DDA production team. Therefore, you can expect only the best from our degreed videographers, graphic designers, programmers, photographers, medical and corporate copywriters, animators, and more. Don’t let your average video film studio handle the video production of your Allegany County, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Garrett County, Kent County, or Somerset County, Maryland (MD) Educational Video.

Learn About the Ways to Work with DDA for Your Video Synched to PowerPoint
Unlike the typical video production company, DDA extends our services to accommodate all of your video production needs. Thus, when you need to make a video and have that video in turn synched to PowerPoint, DDA can help. No longer will location be an issue when it comes to video production for your Accomack County, Augusta County, Campbell County, Floyd County, or Page County, Virginia (VA) company. Instead, simply choose from one of the following three options:

  1. You Shoot, We Edit – You can hire your own videographer and let us do all of the editing.
  2. Our Partners Shoot, We Edit – We will hire a videographer in your area and do all of the editing ourselves.
  3. We Do It All – Let us handle all facets of your video production…it’s as simple and easy as that.

Technical Product Videos are Innovative and Unique Thanks to DDA’s Video Production Process
Our linear fashion of doing things helps to ensure only a streamlined and cost-effective video production process. Whether you are a busy executive in Bulknap County, Grafton County, or Hillsborough County, New Hampshire (NH) or a small store owner in Rockingham County or Sullivan County, New Hampshire (NH), video production for your Technical Product Video can be as easy as 1-2-3. Even better, we encourage as much or as little client input as you would like to give towards your Technical Product Video. Either way, DDA is sure to yield you a Technical Product Video that will shine a light on your product and complement your company’s beliefs and values.

Don’t stop there. Let DDA help you with any other project you may have. Browse any or all of the following DDA services: website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), website improvement, programming, photography, graphic design, virtual reality, trade show displays, and so much more!

Count on DDA to make the design and development of your medical eLearning platform as easy as can be. DDA's exceptional range of creative and technical capabilities are coordinated in a highly integrated, collaborative design and development process with zero outsourcing that ensures close tracking with client expectations while maximizing workflow efficiencies. From the custom programming of the learning management system (LMS) and user dashboard, and the website or application design, to the creation of course content, DDA's award-winning approach to interactive multimedia ensures exceptional end-user experiences that lead to real results. Medical eLearning course content can be comprised of virtually any combination of video, animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, voice-over narration, text, images, and game-like interactions imaginable, making for immersive learning that captures and keeps attention, personalizes the experience, and thus maximizes comprehension. Make your eLearning project as easy as can be. Contact DDA today.

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