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Dynamic Digital Advertising: On the Inside of Video Production and a Full Range of Services

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), we do not follow in the footsteps of other entertainment, media, film, and video production companies. Instead, we are reinventing the video production process and leading the way down a path that no other full service advertising agency has stepped into before: a seamless video production process that has the ability to incorporate a full range of services, and at a price that will not dry out your funds. We make it our job to bring you the latest technologies in video production for your Instructional Training Video. All under one roof, we offer a comprehensive selection of services such as graphic design, programming, copywriting, website design and development, marketing and branding, and so much more to accompany your Corporate or Medical Instructional Video.

DDA goes one step beyond all other advertising agencies and video production businesses by combining all of the advances in film/video and all of the emerging transformations of the advertising industry, to bring you a final result of a powerful and unique marketing package. As a premier digital advertising and video production provider, we strive in achieving firsts and surpassing all multimedia services. At DDA, when we undertake a project, our degreed writers, graphic designers, programmers, and videographers work as team to establish the best marketing strategy for you. We understand it is crucial to have your message reach your target audience, which is why we have implemented the concept of cross-purpose productions. Through cross-purpose production you have the ability to have your Instructional Training Video produced into a CD-ROM/DVD format so it can stream online or it can be duplicated and used as an educational piece of information for people to review at their convenience.

What Sets DDA Apart from the Rest of the Competition

  1. A full range of digital advertising services: Why go to several corporations for one project when you can get it all completed from one experienced full-service advertising agency? We are your one-stop solution to video preproduction and post-production services, including scriptwriting and development, storyboarding, narration, directing, video shooting, and the selection of professional and versatile actors and actresses. We also offer 2D and 3D animation, 3D modeling, illustration, logo design, virtual reality, etc.
  2. Utilizing our experienced staff to produce a powerful video/DVD: From start to finish, DDA's team of marketing professionals, degreed writers, designers, and programmers work together to develop a unique way to communicate your desired message. Whether it is the film visuals or the package design, our marketing concept will genuinely reflect all of your information in a clear and concise fashion.
  3. Combining technologies to be at the forefront of marketing and advertising: DDA has pioneered a number of multimedia services, including our latest venture, Interactive Integration™, which is the combination of technologies to form new ways to present products and services. Every piece of technology is combined to bring onlookers a whole new audial and visual experience that will resonate in the memories of participants for years to come.
  4. Marketing Systems™: DDA's unique marketing strategy encompasses a concern with the health of your sales, traffic on your website, and the impact of your ads. All of our services are customized to help your company grow and accomplish all of your goals. With a Marketing System™ by DDA, you receive a strengthened corporate identity and an overall enhanced marketing approach.

The Overall Goals of DDA

Once DDA merges all of its exceptional services, the final result is a successful advertising and marketing plan. Stop limiting your choices to the local advertising agency or film/video production company around the corner and implement the effective services of our award-winning advertising agency today. With the help of DDA, you can ensure your businesses' future, because you will get noticed and receive the results you've always wanted. Every project we undertake, we treat it as if it were our own company's project. It's just the DDA way.


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