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Everywhere Is Local With DDA

DDA Medical's Video Production Services Make Everywhere Local

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Planning to develop a Medical Practice Video to promote your services in the waiting room of your office or with referring healthcare professionals and think that you need to rely on a local vendor to shoot on location? Or do you want a Medical Video demonstrating an examination (exam) or procedure for education or physician training, but you're worried that the videographers within your vicinity don't have the capability? Don't feel limited to video production companies only found regionally. DDA Medical, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), has originated a hybrid video production process through years of experience in the medical advertising industry to open new doors and accommodate the needs of healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and bio/tech corporations from coast to coast.

What's Routine for DDA Medical is Impossible for Standard Local Video Production Companies

While small town videographers typically lack the experience and technical expertise to produce high quality, high definition (HD) videos, large video production companies, on average, quote unrealistic costs for most start-up and even well established medical businesses. Through the DDA's Actors' Network, national affiliations, and in-house ability, DDA Medical is able to create a balance between the two by producing animated high production value training, lecture, examination (exam), procedure, sales videos, and more for medical practices and companies nationwide. Efficiency and proficiency allows us to maintain our affordability.

  • Choose from three video production services: You Shoot, We Edit, Our Partners Shoot, We Edit, or We Do It All.
  • Rely on DDA Medical's management of our national association of partners.
  • Select the right on-screen talent for your Medical Video from our extensive DDA Actor's Network, which is comprised of a diverse range of professional actors and actresses contracted and exclusively chosen by DDA Medical.
  • Cross-purpose your Medical Video for streaming on the Web, film for a direct-response television (TV) commercial, or for a promotional DVD/CD-ROM. As a comprehensive medical advertising agency, DDA Medical can take your animated medical product or service video that we originally designed as a DVD for direct-to-consumer advertising, and turn it into a Webmercial or Infomercial to reach a broader audience.

DDA Medical Shoots Anywhere; On Location or In Studio, California or New York

As a pioneering medical and corporate advertising agency complete with advanced video production studios and a team of professionals, including medical writers, DDA Medical is able to conceptualize, plan, shoot, edit, master, and produce high definition (HD) Medical Videos for television, DVD, CD-ROM, or the Web. By creating a network of partners that spans across the United States, and developing innovative ideas for effective medical and corporate advertising, we are able to provide the talent, capture the footage, and edit the content regardless of your physical location.

DDA Medical sets a new standard in video production by offering preproduction services like conceptualization, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and casting, production services such as directing, narrating with voice over artists, blue/green screen and on-location taping, and post production like editing, special effects (FX) - both sound and visual, integrated animation, rendering, and burning. Additionally, because DDA Medical is a full service medical advertising agency, our team can provide you with all the tools and media you need from marketing tag lines and slogans to brochures and trade show displays for the endorsement of a medical device, pharmaceutical, or healthcare organization.

Introduce a device, instrument, or pharmaceutical to the medical community, emphasizing compliance with regulatory guidelines, or demonstrate the capability of or convey information on your practice or healthcare facility to the general public with DDA Medical, where our strategy for video production makes Everywhere Local, and almost every budget feasible.


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