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Integration and Full Service Marketing

DDA Medical's Full Service Marketing and Integration Leads to Powerful Medical Videos

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!With all of the technological advancements occurring in the medical community, and the scrutiny over what constitutes ethical medical advertising, it has become challenging for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and bio/tech companies, as well as medical device manufacturers to compete effectively and impress a target audience through business-to-business and direct-to-consumer medical advertising. As an industry-leading medical advertising agency and video production studio, DDA Medical meets this challenge head on by providing full-service marketing and integration strategies. By offering a wide spectrum of multimedia services ranging from a promotional medical video or educational film of high production value and high definition (HD) quality, to medical website design, animation, 3D modeling, and more, we are able to provide clients with a powerful Marketing System™.

Unlike other video production companies that boast of being able to create a cutting-edge video from start to finish, but in fact outsource many of their "services," DDA Medical goes above and beyond and actually backs every claim by implementing an established process and utilizing a host of services all performed in-house. Our integrated team of professional programmers, videographers, photographers, graphic and animation artists, illustrators, script writers, directors, and others works together to produce a complete video package ready for distribution or presentation. Our partnerships allow us to shoot on location or in studio anywhere in the U.S. and enable us to handpick talented actors and actresses for casting and voice over narration. What this means is that you have a single point of contact, access to talent and multimedia that can take your Medical Video from ordinary to extraordinary, seamless dissemination of information, and a consistent brand image.

Examples of DDA Medical's Full Service Marketing and Integration in Action:

  • Examination (Exam) Videos - Get classes online as Lecture Videos for Continuing Medical Education (CME). At DDA Medical, not only can we shoot on location and edit your videos, but we can program them into a CME website where physicians can take exams and we can create the administrative backend where managers can track who registers to allocate credit accordingly.
  • Practice or Office Videos - Promote the services of your practice to existing patients with a video in your waiting room or reach a broader audience by showcasing this video on the Web or creating a commercial for direct response television (TV). In addition to producing a compelling video on a master DVD, we can loop it to play repeatedly in a variety of settings, such as trade shows and conferences, and compress it for streaming on your website. Before you know it, your practice will have enough exposure to provide treatment to a greater number of patients, taking business to new heights.
  • Training Videos - Educate physicians on the procedures of your healthcare facility or sales representatives on the equipment of your company with DDA Medical's Training Videos. Select a spokesperson from our Actors' Network and utilize our animation services to effectively illustrate a process regardless of your audience's learning ability.
  • Corporate Sales Videos - Present this year's figures to board members or administrators with Corporate Sales Videos that are as compelling as they are informative. We can combine your graphs and charts with our footage of a speaker or audio capture of narration for a Video Synched to PowerPoint. Now there's no more worrying about whether you've covered everything as the entire presentation is developed prior to your scheduled meeting.

Integrating All Video Production Services for a Comprehensive Finished Product

At DDA Medical, we handle all aspects of video development from preproduction services consisting of concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting, and casting to production services like video shooting and directing either on location or in studio to post production services including video editing, special sound and visual effects (FX), rendering, and more. We can even create tag lines or slogans to create a memorable corporate or brand image. Essentially, we turn your ideas for medical advertising into real world applications with the most advanced technologies, the greatest variety of services, and the lowest cost possible. Our media production company is the only choice for the best overall Medical Video.


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