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The Process of Producing A Corporate Video with DDA

DDA Medical's Video Production Process Leads to Cost-Effective & Efficient Solutions

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!DDA Medical ensures that quality is improved and that time and costs are reduced with a Medical Video production process that is based on the philosophy of lean manufacturing. Since 1994, we have analyzed and refined the way we work as a team to produce high definition (HD) and high production value Medical Videos for a host of applications, ranging from a physician training video distributed as a new device or piece of equipment is introduced to the medical community to a Medical Lecture Video utilized in conjunction with a Continuing Medical Education (CME) website. With DDA Medical's early adoption of all forms of digital technology and an evolved, step-by-step strategy, {we are able to meet tight deadlines and maintain an established budget, giving you the flexibility to focus on other areas of the business and spend money on supplemental media.}

Linear Medical Video Production for a Seamless Start-to-Finish Process

Once you contact our medical advertising agency, you work one-on-one with members of our team to ascertain your needs, whether you want video synched with a PowerPoint presentation for business-to-business advertising in a trade show or corporate sales meeting, or an animated examination (exam) or procedure Education Video for direct-to-consumer advertising in your practice's waiting room. From there, we'll aid in preproduction services, such as concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting with professional actors and actresses from our extensive Actors' Network, and narration with voice over artists selected from an online voice service. The specifications of your unique project dictate the services utilized.

As the ground work for the Medical Video is established, we organize the video shoot so that all participants are present whether it is to be taped on location or in our state-of-the-art studios. We direct and manage the entire shoot, but allow you the opportunity to be present and offer suggestions as necessary or to be absent if the out-of-office time is prohibitive. Afterwards, through post production services like video editing and special sound and visual effects (FX), we are able to transform the raw footage into a fully functional video that is designed to have a positive impact and leave a memorable impression. The final step in this linear production process is to render the video on DVD with coordinating labels and package inserts, compress for streaming on the Web, provide in the required format for commercial direct-response television (TV) and infomercial broadcast, or loop for a medical trade show. You determine the need and we'll implement the ideas and strategies that lead to success.

Lean Manufacturing Practices for a Medical Video on Time, but Under Budget

In order to eliminate wasted time often found in sloppy, over-priced big studio productions, DDA Medical applies the industrial techniques of lean manufacturing to be as efficient as possible without compromising quality and with staying in budget. In fact, we are reinventing the way Medical Videos and films are produced by modularizing and standardizing the process, thus disproving the view that, by nature, film and video production must be expensive, prolonged, and unpredictable. Time, costs, and concepts are all established before a project begins, and times are logged onto the DDA Trac™, a time management system developed by our in-house programmers, so there are no unexpected fees at the end of a project. In the rare occurrence that we anticipate exceeding the allotted time, we work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. No time wasted, no residual costs, and nothing less than perfection; that's the mission behind DDA Medical's video production.

As the industry's leading medical advertising agency, DDA Medical has a host of services that go beyond medical video production to include medical website design and development, search engine marketing (SEO), medical slogan or tagline advertising, medical illustration, logo design, trade show displays, medical animation, virtual reality, and more. Start with video production services and explore others as you evolve your medical marketing and advertising campaign with DDA Medical.


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