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Three Ways to Work With DDA

Take Action with DDA Medical's Video Production and Medical Advertising Strategies

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Choose from three different medical video production options. Experience what it means to work with an efficient and cost-effective video production company. Invest in the full service medical advertising agency capabilities of DDA Medical.

Setting new standards in Medical and Corporate Video production, DDA Medical has reinvented the production process, allowing you the flexibility to select from three distinct options: You Shoot, We Edit; Our Partners Shoot, We Edit; and We Do it All. Regardless of the option you select, DDA Medical will create the video you need to make an impact and motivate your target audience to change their way of thinking. We help you meet your goal, whether it is to generate more business to your practice by showcasing your services and procedures in a Medical Video played in your office's waiting room, or to provoke interest within the medical community about your company's latest advancement in medical equipment or pharmaceuticals by featuring the benefits and advantages in a video for the Web. You set the objective, you choose the process, and we produce the result that exceeds your expectations.

What Medical Video Production Process is most compatible with your Advertising Initiative?

  • You Shoot, We Edit. This option is suitable for companies that have existing raw footage captured on video, but need video editing, engaging special sound and animated visual effects (FX), as well as formatting for DVD, compressing for the Web, and configuring for broadcast television (TV). Our team of professional videographers and animation artists can turn your fragmented material into interactive video media, offering seamless dissemination of information and attractive graphics for impressive business-to-business medical advertising.
  • Our Partners Shoot, We Edit. This option is convenient for organizations that have various locations throughout the country and those that are based far from Philadelphia, PA. For DDA Medical, Everywhere is Local, as we have established a network of partners that can shoot on location whether you require footage of your renovated operations plant in California or recording of various physician training testimonials at your healthcare facility found just around the corner. We'll manage the shoot and edit the content for a video that is the perfect representation of your company.
  • We Do it All. This option is ideal when you want access to the ultimate range of DDA Medical's video production services, from preproduction of concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting of actors and actresses as well as voice over artists for narration, to production of on-location video shooting or in-studio video shooting, directing, and audio recording, to post production of video editing, special effects (FX) and animation, DVD mastering, and much more. Start to finish, DDA Medical will handle all aspects associated with producing a video of high definition (HD) quality.

Take the Right Steps with DDA Medical for a Video that will Achieve Lasting Success

At DDA Medical, we provide you with options so that you never feel limited to ineffective small town videographers or the inefficient big studio production houses. Since our inception in 1994, we have evaluated the industry, found problems areas, and designed strategies that work for today's fast-paced, high-end corporate groups. So if your plan is to create short films of lectures and conferences for a Continuing Medical Education (CME) examination (exam) website, or to produce a public health Education Video as a commercial or infomercial for direct-to-consumer/direct-response television, DDA Medical will transform your ideas into unforgettable real world applications.

As a full capacity medical advertising agency, DDA Medical offers video production as one of many available multimedia services. Other services include tag line or slogan development for corporate branding, 3D animation and modeling or virtual reality for physician training, medical illustration for text books and other educational resources, webcasting and custom programming for CMEs, as well as medical brochure design and medical website design for business-to-business and direct-to-consumer advertising. Combine a variety of technologies through Interactive Integration™ and your business will have a powerful Marketing System™ that your competitors cannot match.


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