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Why Choose DDA medical For Your Video

Why choose DDA Medical as your Video Production Company for Medical Videos?

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Struggling to find a sole video production company to handle all aspects of your Medical Video from concept development and scriptwriting to video shooting and rendering? Unhappy with the quality and results of your Medical Lecture, Procedure, Examination (exam), Physician Training, Public Education or Promotion Video and you're budget doesn't allow for an expensive re-do by large corporate video production studios?

DDA Medical, a subsidiary of Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), is a one-stop-shop with all the extreme capabilities that will lead to long-term successful medical advertising of your practice, office, or healthcare facility or your medical device, pharmaceutical, or bio/tech company. By combining multiple technologies through Interactive Integration™ to create animated Medical Videos of unprecedented high definition (HD) broadcast quality, by applying lean manufacturing principles to our video production process for efficiency and affordability, and by establishing a nationwide network of partners, DDA Medical truly is in a league of their own. Reinventing film and video production to provide you with the best business-to-business and direct-to-consumer medical advertising that money can buy even for those with modest budgets, we are the single source you need to take your marketing media to the next level and your business to heights you never thought possible.

Compare the Benefits of DDA Medical to those of other Video Production Companies:

  • The principles of lean manufacturing apply to more than factory or plant operations; they form a philosophy that is designed to minimize costs and time without compromising quality. Unlike our competitors who often submit inflated quotes to accommodate creep and other issues of disorganization, DDA Medical implements a process based on aspects of lean manufacturing to offer a price with virtually no mark up.
  • Very few, if any, video production companies offer the complete range of production services in-house, which leaves businesses like yours searching for supplemental resources to complete a Medical Video. DDA Medical believes that this system results in a very fragmented finished product. That is why we do it all, from preproduction services like concept development, scriptwriting, and storyboarding to video shooting in production, post production services like video editing with special sound and visual effects (FX), and DVD mastering, compressing for the Web, or formatting for broadcast direct-response television (TV).
  • Looking to go outside of the company for the perfect Corporate or Medical Video spokesperson, model, or voice over or acting talent? Not sure if they will convey your marketing messages or represent your company effectively? As part of our casting and narration services, DDA Medical has established an extensive nationwide network of professionally trained actors and actresses. Browse through their demo reels and video spotlights for the perfect fit.
  • While some local videographers are simply not capable of traveling for on-location video shoots and large corporations tend to charge unheard-of rates, DDA Medical is able to shoot anywhere in the United States at a price you can afford. By partnering with video production companies that share the same basic process principles, we can provide clients with a variety of options to suit their needs: You Shoot, We Edit, Our Partners Shoot, We Edit, or We Do it All.
  • DDA Medical has created a time management and tracking tool, referred to as DDA TRAC™ (Time Resource and Accounting), to record and monitor time expenditures throughout a given project. With a detailed description of what was completed in minute-by-minute increments, you are able to see exactly how the allotted time was utilized so there are never any questions or unexpected fees. If a project changes from its initial conception, we can provide you with a Change Order immediately. With our full service medical advertising agency, you are free to change your mind and alter the project as it begins to take shape.
  • One of the many attributes of DDA Medical that we are most proud of is the long-term relationships we establish and cultivate with Clients. We do this be offering a full range of advertising services, which include but are not limited to slogan and tag line development, medical brochure design, medical website design with integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO), CME development, corporate logo design, and medical animation. Our clients find that by choosing one advertising agency for their every need, they end up with a consistent brand image that is easily transferable from one medium to the next.

So whether you want a Medical Video to showcase your practice's services in the waiting room of your office or a direct-to-consumer Infomercial or television (TV) commercial to introduce your latest piece of medical equipment to the market, DDA Medical has the ideas and strategies that work for today and tomorrow. Invest in one medical and corporate video production company with all the technical capabilities under one roof and maintain a consistent image and message from DVD, to the Web, to print media. With the full range of services all at a great price, why wouldn't you choose DDA Medical?


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