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Why Produce A Video

Medical Videos Produced by DDA Medical will Enhance & Support your Advertising Initiatives

Highly regulated and often viewed as unethical, business-to-business and direct-to-consumer medical advertising is a complicated industry. Whether your objective is to empower patients to learn more about available medical options, or it is to sell your products or services to experts in the field, DDA Medical can enhance and support your advertising initiatives with high production value, high definition (HD) Medical Videos. Since the average American is exposed to over 17,000 advertisements a day while watching television (TV), driving on major highways, or surfing the Internet, your ideas for medical advertising need to be strong and your message must be effectively communicated. At DDA Medical, we create the video graphics that attract viewers and the content that converts them into patients, partners, colleagues, or customers.

Our extensive experience in medical advertising enables us to understand the regulations and nuances that exist in the industry. Simply put, we know what it takes to make certain that your marketing media complies with FDA and other governmental guidelines. But why should you choose a Medical Video to enhance or support your initiatives? Because this medium creates an experience with sound and visual elements that can be controlled at the user's discretion, and for today's consumers, this is the type of advertisement that is most appealing. Selecting the closest or most expensive video production company, however, can mean the difference between coming out ahead and falling behind your competitors. Based on our strategies and services in medical advertising, DDA Medical has revolutionized the video production process to reduce costs and increase efficiency. For a successful Medical Video, pick DDA Medical.

Below are Just a Few Examples of Medical Videos that Can Enhance or Support your Business Objectives:

  • Every Service with One Company. In the video and film production industry, which is notorious for being fragmented and frustrating, where it takes a dozen or more companies to produce one video, DDA is a completely unique entity. The premier digital video production company, DDA has been reinventing how Medical and Corporate Videos have been produced since the beginning of the digital revolution. By applying the technique of lean manufacturing and modularizing the various parts of video production, DDA is able to offer every service necessary in film production, with the highest level of production value, the latest techniques and technology, and we are able to do it at affordable hourly rates and with the greatest level of efficiency.
  • Choose as many or as few of the services that DDA offers, and pay only for what you use. If your project is in the earliest stages of preproduction, choose from the various planning and development services DDA offers, such as conceptualization, script writing or script development, location scouting, casting from DDA's national network of actors and actresses, and storyboarding. During production, film your Medical Video in one of DDA's studios, or use our mobile crew to film on-location. Post production services range from general editing, to flash, 2D, or 3D animation, special effects (FX), editing with color, audio or video, text graphics, voice-over narration, motion capture, and much more for a professional and polished look. DDA can even handle the duplication of CD-ROMs and DVDs, and we can also compress your Medical Video for streaming web video if you'd like to incorporate your innovative video into your corporation's website. Also, ask about DDA's web development services for a truly integrated marketing message.
  • DDA offers Creativity and Medical Marketing. Unlike other video production companies, and film studios, DDA's staff members have experience in the business, medical, and industrial fields, so we know how to communicate dry and often complex material. Our expert marketers work with video specialists, writers, and production artists to incorporate company branding and an effective marketing message into every video, free of charge. Not your average video production studio, DDA is a full service digital marketing firm, so each project we undertake includes a marketing element, to guarantee that not only will your Medical Video communicate the benefits of your specific program, service, or product, it will tout the value of your company, corporation, or nonprofit organization as a whole.
  • Achieve Whole Marketing Systems™ with a Medical Video by DDA. Whether your Medical Video is for television, CD-ROM, DVD, or the Internet; whether you are advertising a program, service, product, or your company as a whole, DDA is in the business of creating whole Marketing Systems. This means that the benefits of your DDA Medical Video will last well into the future. Add your video to a company website, use it for trade shows as a way to recruit new workers, coax investors or partners. Because each video we make incorporates branding, a video by DDA can be part of any business's or corporation's long-term strategy for success.

Not Completely Convinced that Medical Videos are Right for your Business?

DDA Medical understands the disparity in attitudes towards medical advertising, and that it can take a lot of incentive for companies to invest in advertising, especially to embark in arena of video media. That's why we offer the comprehensive range of film and video production services all under one roof so that you don't have to outsource numerous vendors to accomplish one project. Our preproduction services include conceptualization, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and casting with voice over talents for narration or professional actors and actresses from our extensive Actors' Network. We offer video directing, managing, and shooting either on location or in our video production studios, and our post production services include everything from video editing to special sound and visual effects (FX).

Concerned About the Distance Between you and DDA Medical?

No matter where you facility is based, Everywhere is Local for DDA Medical because we have established a nationwide network of partners. We are affiliated with a host of video production companies that are located across the country, which allows us to film on location everywhere and anywhere. Choose from three (3) options: You Shoot, We Edit, Our Partners Shoot, We Edit, and We Do it All. With DDA Medical as your medical advertising agency, distance is no longer an issue.

Mobile medical eLearning applications are powerful ways to facilitate deep learning through user engagement. DDA is an award-winning mobile medical app developer, having won two Tabby Awards for its medical iPad apps: one for Best iPad Healthcare App for the Philips XperGuide virtual medical simulation in 2012, and one for Best iPad Healthcare and Pharmaceutical App for the ETHOS Engage peer-to-peer collaboration and deep learning tool. Mobile medical eLearning applications are the perfect way to capture the attention of clinicians who are on the move, often away from their computers, but always within arm’s reach of a beloved tablet or smartphone. DDA designs and develops custom mobile medical applications from scratch to meet the specific needs of each client, using a highly integrated, iterative process that maximizes creative collaboration and efficiency. Find out how your organization can benefit from a mobile medical application. Contact DDA today.

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