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A Closer Look at DDA's Onlivemation™ Video Production Service

Grab the attention of your target audience with a unique Corporate, Medical or Educational Onlivemation™ Video only available through the film production services offered by DDA. A combination of 2-D animation, live motion video, and dynamic web design, an Onlivemation™ Video by DDA is the perfect way to surpass the competition and get your company noticed.

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), has been at the forefront of the digital revolution since 1994. By reinventing the way Corporate and Medical Films are made, DDA is able to offer more services to companies across the nation. In an industry that is often time-consuming, segmented, and expensive, DDA stands alone as the only video production studio capable of meeting your company's every marketing need. From the production of promotional videos, television commercials (TV), webmercials (internet commercials), interactive website design, CD-ROM and DVD production, logo design, brochure design, animation, video game development, DDA is the only company that can handle every step of the process in-house, for a seamless and virtually effortless process.

More Services and More Innovation for your Corporate or Medical Video

No matter what type of video or Internet animation your company needs, DDA is the only video production company with the ability to offer unlimited services, for limitless creativity. No matter what your video, animation, or advertising campaign needs, DDA has the equipment and staff to meet your needs, regardless of your location because for DDA, Everywhere is Local. As the premier digital marketing company, DDA has made innovation a priority. Unlike other studios, which only handle a small segment of the video production process, such as editing, or script writing, DDA can take care of every step in the process to producing your outstanding Corporate or Medical Film, including conceptualization, storyboarding, scriptwriting or script development, casting actors and actresses, filming, editing, adding special effects (FX), 2D, 3D, and flash animation, and DDA can even take care of the production of your CD-ROMs and DVDs and can even do the disk label and case design.

Working with DDA ensures that your Corporate or Medical Video will be useful for years to come. With the ability to cross-purpose your Onlivemation™ video for MAC (macintosh), PC, in high definition (HD) for television (TV), or compressed for streaming web video and webcasts, DDA makes sure that the films we create get results for many years. Our own Onlivemation™ Video created in 2005, the first of its kind, remains unrivaled in technology. No other video production company has been able to mimic the comprehensive services and innovative video production techniques of DDA. This means that even as technology advances, your Corporate or Medical Video will remain relevant and modern.

Discover the DDA Difference with an Onlivemation™ Video:

  1. Every form of digital advertising under one roof: With other video or film production companies, you normally have to deal with several organizations to produce your Corporate or Medical Video. DDA is different. By offering the fullest range of services in the business, DDA can do it all. Whether you need a Promotional Video, Educational Video, Medical Video, or another video, get all the services you need from one company, including conceptualization, storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing in post production, adding special effects (FX), and more!

  2. A Unique Blend of Expert Marketing and Efficient Video Production: In every project that DDA undertakes, we integrate an expertly designed corporate marketing message, so that your Onlivemation™ Video is not only entertaining and informative, but a useful tool to market your company and improve your corporate image.

  3. Corporate and Medical Videos in Every Format: Through DDA's unique process of combining technology to create new techniques, called Interactive Integration™, DDA can create Corporate, Promotional and Medical Videos for every function. Use DVDs and CD-ROMs for mail-outs or to pass out at trade shows, have your video made in high definition (HD) for television (TV) broadcast, or compress the video for online streaming web video and reach the widest audience possible.

  4. DDA Creates Whole Marketing Systems™: With a staff of expert marketing professionals and degreed advertising specialists, DDA knows that the best marketing begins with analysis. We get a deep understanding of the needs of our clients, whether they are a corporation, business, university, or a nonprofit organization. The DDA staff works as a team to develop and integrate an effective marketing message throughout your video, free of charge. Every team member, including video editors, animation specialists, copywriters, search engine optimization (SEO) writers, web designers and programmers, create Corporate and Medical Videos that incorporate long-term marketing strategies that strengthen corporate identity and make a DDA video a useful marketing tool.

The Big Picture

With the most advanced equipment, talented and experienced staff, and the longest list of video production services, DDA has the winning combination that produces marketing success. In the field of video production, which is so often confusing and frustrating, DDA is a welcome ally. We pride ourselves on making the highest quality videos and having a process that clients find easy, effective and enjoyable.

DDA provides award-winning custom medical eLearning design and development. DDA combines text, video, 2D and 3D animation, voice-over narration, virtual reality, testing components, certification, metrics reporting, and e-Commerce features to create rewarding, deeply engaging interactive multimedia experiences that lead to end-user comprehension and long-term memory retention. Each eLearning platform produced by DDA is housed in its own custom designed and developed learning management system (LMS), which can be infinitely scaled over time, allowing for the addition of new eLearning courses, continual updates to content, and more advanced metrics reports for greater insight into learning experiences. DDA's vertically integrated structure and collaborative work environment coordinates technical and creative capabilities for optimal results. Contact DDA and expand your understanding of what eLearning can do.

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