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Video Advertising in a Brand New Way with Dynamic Digital Advertising

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is leading the digital revolution in video production services. As a full-service advertising and marketing firm, DDA has the right solutions to promote your business at affordable solutions. DDA's innovative and ground-breaking technology for corporate and medical videos is only the beginning in the long list of services available. DDA offers the most comprehensive selection of services including video production, graphic design, copywriting, and more to bring you high quality video solutions.

Internet users see thousands of advertisements everyday and you need to make a strong impression that entertains and informs viewers of your business, products, or services. By combining the innovative video production services of DDA with Google pay-per-click and click-to-pay video ads, you can advertise yourself right on the front pages of Google with a unique marketing strategy.

Search Engine Marketing with Click-to-Pay Video Ads Increases Traffic

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!By advertising with Google Adwords - you agree to pay a small fee every time a user clicks on your video ad to go to your website - the end result being increased traffic and immediate recognition. When a user searches for keywords related to your company's products or services, they will be dazzled by your video ad. By enlisting the click-to-pay video ad management services of DDA, you'll gain the extensive knowledge of an organic search engine marketing agency with the power of a full-service video production studio to ensure the video advertisements lead to success.

Compelling video advertisements for your corporate or medical products or services include:

  • Product Demonstration Video Ads. Immediately show off your product to millions of Internet users everyday, direct from the major search engine, Google. Tell users the benefits of your product before they even get to your website.
  • Medical Device Video Ads. Describe the benefits from your latest medical device and create buzz about the implications of your device in the medical world.
  • Website Promotion Video Ads. Utilize a spokesperson to describe your company and website and why people need
    to visit.
  • Testimonial Video Ads. Let the reviews speak for themselves and provide searchers with instant feedback to the products and services your company provides.
for Examples of how Video-ADs work


Contact us today to see how we can quickly get you to the top of Google with an exciting and engaging new video production. The possibilities are nearly endless with DDA’s top-of-the-line in-house video production services.


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