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Dynamic Digital Advertising Product Launch Video Case Study

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a pioneer in the digital revolution, has been providing clients with innovative digital marketing since 1994. Clients like No Bite V recognized that DDA is the only video production company offering a full range of marketing services, from print brochures, to television (TV) commercials, featuring the latest technologies at affordable rates. All of these benefits made DDA the best choice for the production of the No Bite V Product Launch Video.

In 2007, when the makers of No Bite V, needed a compelling way to demonstrate their new medical device, they turned to DDA to create an innovative 3D animation demonstration and Product Launch Video. They needed a video that was both skillfully marketed and sufficiently demonstrative of their unique new medical product. In conjunction with DDA’s degreed staff of marketing specialists, our videographers, animation specialist, animators, 3D and 2D designers, editors, and audio and video editors, worked with No Bite V to produce an astoundingly effective Product Launch Video.

DDA Full Service or Partial

While DDA offers a full-range of services, including preproduction conceptualization, scriptwriting, storyboarding and more, companies like No Bite V, who come to DDA with a partially developed marketing plan, have the option to choose the precise services needed to create the perfect Product Launch Video. Utilize as many or as few of DDA’s team members as you need, such as our network of professional actors and actresses, marketing specialists, animation specialists, programmers, copywriters, and more.

Everywhere is Local with DDA

No Bite V was able to specify their exact needs without ever meeting face-to-face with DDA. Because of DDA’s utilization of high technology communication and our nation-wide network of affiliates, geography is no boundary in creating superior Product Launch Videos. DDA’s process of production allows clients direct access to the artists and specialists working on their project, and project coordinators keep you informed at all times on the progress of your corporate or medical video so you are never in the dark about your project.

DDA in Action: No Bite V

The No Bite V fully animated 3D video reflected the highly advanced technology not only of the product itself, but also the values of the company. As well as the animation, DDA also provided voice over recording, video and audio editing, and special effects and mastering the final DVD. The DDA Product Launch Video for No Bite V used compelling images, audio, and an integrated marketing message for a successful product launch. Some of the services that No Bite V utilized, were:

Empower Your Marketing Strategy with a Cross-Purposed Product Launch Video by DDA

The benefit of No Bite V’s Product Launch Video doesn’t end after the product’s launch. Because DDA offers a full range of services, our Product Launch Videos can be cross-purposed for use in other areas throughout the life cycle of the company’s product. The video can be used in Product Demonstration Videos, Corporate Sales Videos, Trade Show Videos, or streamed as Video Webcasting as part of the corporate website. DDA can convert the video to any format, including HD for television (TV) broadcast, DVD, or CD-ROM. The video can be mailed in response to requests for information, or to market to potential investors. The possibilities with a DDA Product Launch Video are virtually endless.

Video captures attention and frames information in narrative, character-driven structure that helps keep viewers engaged. That’s why video-based medical eLearning platforms are an excellent way to teach complex medical topics and ensure full comprehension. DDA was one of the first digital video/animation studios in the nation, and its long history in developing video-based medical eLearning platforms has given the company the experience it takes to create powerful learning experiences that are enjoyable and lead to long-term memory retention. DDA handles everything from concept to completion, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, platform design, course content integration, metrics reporting, administration features, and anything else that may be required. Make your video-based eLearning a success. Contact DDA today.

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