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everywhere is local with dda

With Dynamic Digital Advertising Video Production Services, Everywhere is Local

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!The launch of your new product is a critical time; don’t settle for a second rate Product Launch Video produced by the company down the street. You spent time, energy, and money creating your new product, so guarantee that your Launch Video reflects the quality and values of your product and company. No matter where you are, through our national network of partners, DDA can produce a professional Product Launch Video that gets your new product the attention it deserves.

Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has been reinventing how medical and corporate videos and films are produced. At the forefront of the digital revolution, DDA has developed a process that delivers superior quality videos with the most advanced technologies for our clients across the nation at affordable rates. Over the years, the DDA method of production has been refined into a lean and highly efficient process, giving our clients access to the most advanced technologies and a national network of talent, as they need them. This modularization or compartmentalization of services also allows DDA to streamline production and reduce costs to our clients. By creating a network of studios, videographers, actors, actresses, and crew, DDA has dispelled the notion that corporate videos must be made by local production studios. This notion, which limits choice, inflates costs, and reduces quality, no longer applies thanks to the process developed by DDA. Whether you want to create a Product Launch Video, a Spokesperson Video, a Medical Sales, or Tradeshow Video, DDA can shoot, edit, find the talent, add special effects (FX), and more, regardless of your company’s location.

Get National Efficiencies with Local Effectiveness when you Produce your Product Launch Video with DDA

DDA’s in-house production team of degreed and talented staff has the ability to create corporate, medical, and business videos with the highest level of production value. No matter where your company is, you have direct access to our artists and control throughout the development of your video. You can choose as many or as few of the video production services offered by DDA which include:

The Highest Quality Product Launch Video and Superior Customer Service with DDA

With a long history of making the latest high-end technologies affordable, while retaining quality, DDA is unequalled in the video production industry. While big studios are over-priced and impersonal, and small studios offer only a limited number of services, DDA offers a highly customized, full range of video and marketing services for your business. The characteristic that sets DDA apart from the rest is our ability to cross-purpose. You may initially select DDA to create your Product Launch Video, but you can also use our other services to create a stunning brochure, professional corporate logo, webmercials (internet commercials), or an effective website with streaming video and much more.

DDA’s unique ability to offer comprehensive marketing and video production services allows us to create compelling videos and complete marketing strategies for DVD, CD-Rom, and on the web. And when you work with DDA, you have complete control over your Product Launch Video, regardless of where you are located. You choose how much creative and directorial input you would like to contribute to the production of your video.

With DDA, you have the latest technologies, talented artists, and nation-wide network of affiliates available to you. Work with DDA and enjoy the benefits of working with a revolutionary video production company, to create a powerful and effective Product Launch Video.


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Everywhere is Local with DDA
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