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Dynamic Digital Advertising Reinvents Product Launch Video Production

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Since the beginning of the digital revolution, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has been at the forefront of providing revolutionary marketing and video production services. The process of producing corporate and medical films and videos has been for too long fragmented, inefficient, time-consuming, and expensive. Over the years, DDA has reinvented the process into a streamlined, efficient procedure, adapted to each client’s specific needs, for outstanding Product Launch Videos. A pioneer in the field of digital marketing, DDA has created a new way to produce live and animated Product Launch Videos for broadcast on television (TV), CD-ROMs, DVDs, and even in high definition (HD) format. Our combination of advanced technology, talented and degreed staff, and our nation-wide network of partners makes DDA the best choice for innovative Product Launch Videos.

What DDA Offers for the Production of your Product Launch Video with DDA:

  • A network of experienced, diverse, and professional video actors and actresses.
  • As much or as little creative control over your Product Launch Video as you want.
  • Direct access to the artists and professionals working on your video.
  • A precise timeline so you know exactly when your video will be completed.
  • The option to utilize DDA’s other marketing services through DDA’s unique process of Interactive Integration™, which combines web, print, video, and animation technology for whole Marketing Systems™.
  • Access to a national network of studios and video production specialists, because with DDA, Everywhere is Local.
  • A degreed team of writers for copywriting, scriptwriting, and screenplay development.
  • No residual fees for use of videos.
  • A minute-by-minute account of all the work done on your project accompanies the invoice for hourly projects, recorded by DDA’s patented DDA TRAC™ software (Time Resource and Accounting).
  • The ability to meet even the shortest of deadlines.
  • Affordable hourly rates.

Get the Highest Degree of Efficiency with a DDA Produced Product Launch Video

The days of sloppy and segmented corporate video production are over. DDA’s revolutionary procedure for the production of Product Launch Videos employs the techniques of lean manufacturing for a streamlined and headache-free process. DDA offers a full-range of production services, from preproduction planning, to postproduction (post production) editing services, but you can choose as many or as few of DDA’s services as your Product Launch Video requires. This creates a highly efficient, time-conservative process that produces polished and customized videos. While other corporations treat each project as an entirely new business, contracting new actors and actresses, editors, animation specialists, and crew for each video project, DDA has a network of partners across the nation prepared to work on your Product Launch Video. This entirely new process of production enables DDA to offer comprehensive services, the latest technologies, and customized videos at reduced rates.

Choose from DDA’s Comprehensive List of Services for your Product Launch Video

From preproduction planning, to postproduction or post production editing, DDA’s team of highly trained staff offers the most complete list of marketing and video production services for your company to choose from, including:

Use DDA’s other services to take your marketing to the next level. Our in-house programmers can integrate your video into your existing corporate website or build an entirely new website. We can transfer your video onto DVD, CD-ROM, or HD for television (TV) broadcast. DDA can produce films for streaming Video Webcasts, Website Spokesperson Videos, Animation Videos, Video Synched to PowerPoint, Training Videos, Product Showcase Videos, Sales Videos, and much more. For a complete marketing strategy, take advantage of DDA’s other services such as website design and development, search engine marketing, and graphic design services.


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