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new product launch videos:
the process of producing a corporate video with dda

Launch your Product with the Highest Quality Corporate Video Produced by DDA

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Your new product can make a big splash in the market when you choose DDA, the premier digital video production company, to produce a Product Launch Video or DVD. Whether your new product is medical, educational, or industrial, a high-quality Product Launch Video is an effective way to strategically introduce consumers across the nation to your product and your company. And with DDA, the process of producing a Product Launch Video can be simple and easy. With a long history of strategic and conceptual advertising, and the early adoption of all forms of digital advertising technology, the DDA process of producing Corporate Videos has evolved into a mature step-by-step plan, with proven results.

DDA’s Process of Producing Product Launch Videos is Linear from Beginning to End

From the earliest stages of producing Product Launch Videos with DDA, our clients know they are creating a product video that will be on time, under budget, and of the highest quality. DDA offers the most advanced techniques and methods of production from both the in-house staff and in conjunction with our national network; this gives our clients unlimited options for their Product Launch Video, DVD, or CD-Rom. Whether you want a video for trade shows, television (TV) commercial broadcast, or internet and online webcasting, your Product Launch film will incorporate the newest technologies available for a video that is stylish, informative, and effective.

DDA is not just a video production company. We are a full-service marketing and advertising agency. Our staff includes degreed and highly experienced specialists in the following areas:

When you select DDA for the production of your Product Launch Video, your options are limitless. Whether you simply need some special effects (FX) added to your film, or you need the total package including conceptual marketing, corporate branding, and Internet development, DDA can do it all.

Lean Manufacturing for Efficient Budget-Conscious Production of Product Launch Videos

At DDA, we apply the industrial techniques of lean manufacturing. This allows our clients to utilize as much or as little of the resources offered by DDA to produce their Product Launch Videos, which translates to a more efficient and affordable process. Big studio productions have a process that is sloppy, over-priced, and time-consuming, because each new project must be coordinated from scratch. DDA is different. Since 1994, DDA has been reinventing how videos and films are made. By modularizing and standardizing the process, we have disproved the view that by nature, film production must be expensive, drawn-out, and unpredictable. DDA has the ability to produce big-studio results, from storyboarding to advanced special effects (fx), the difference is, you choose and pay for only what your product video needs, which allows DDA to reduce costs while maintaining the highest standards.

DDA Process of Production is Flexible for a Predictable Quality, yet Creative Product Launch Video

Because the DDA process is modularized, development of your Product Launch Video or film is predictable. The cost, timeline, and quality of your Product Launch Video are known before production ever begins, but the process is still flexible, allowing for creativity in your custom produced film. Any idea that would enhance your Product Launch Video will be considered, whether it occurs in the planning stages or during the editing phase. The distinct advantage of working with DDA is that if you decide to add more features to your Product Launch project, DDA can offer the services you need. You may begin with a Product Launch Video, then decide you need a website featuring video; custom programming and technical illustration. We are the only production company anywhere that can change with your plan and offer you all of the additional services you need. Some additional services offered by DDA include:

At DDA you Choose your Level of Involvement in the Production of your Product Launch Video

When you work with DDA to produce your Product Launch Video, you decide how involved you want to be. Because DDA’s process of producing business videos is linear, you have an opportunity to approve and input feedback at every stage in the process. You can let DDA do it for you, for a hassle-free production. You can also choose to play a creative and directorial role in the production of your Product Launch Video. If you have a strong vision and message you want incorporated into your film, DDA will help you achieve success. The production of your Product Launch Video is under your control, with DDA to help bring your vision to life and create a superior video product.


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