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three ways to work with dda

DDA Works One-On-One To Develop High-Quality Product Launch Videos

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!In a perfect world, the production of your Product Launch Video could be completed from beginning to end by one great company and under one roof. With DDA, that perfect world is a reality. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), the premier video production company, is breaking all of the barriers of corporate video production. A process that used to be time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient, has been reinvented so that creating superior Product Launch Videos is efficient, affordable and enjoyable. DDA’s comprehensive services, available under the same roof in our in-house studio, or through our national network of affiliates, provides companies from across the nation with customized Product Launch Videos that target markets and get results.

Choose How you Work with DDA, the Premier Video Production Studio

  • You Shoot, We Edit. If your project is already partially completed, you have finished the conceptual idea, written the script or screenplay, and shot the video, DDA can come in mid-project, and seamlessly integrate the remaining services your Product Launch Video needs. Whatever your remaining needs are, DDA has the equipment and the talented staff to offer virtually any video production service you can imagine, whether it’s 2D or 3D animation, video or audio editing, special effects (FX), or something else. DDA’s state of the art equipment and degreed specialists can add the finishing touches to your Product Launch Video that create a professional film to set your product and company apart from the rest.
  • Our Partners Shoot, We Edit. With DDA’s revolutionary nation-wide network of partners, Everywhere is local. No matter where your company is located, DDA can film your Product Launch Video with the latest equipment and experienced staff. Whether in a studio or on-location, DDA has the infrastructure and the experience to record and edit your Product Launch Video with ease, regardless of location. Our services include storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting, directing, video shooting, sound effects (FX) or visual effects (FX), narration, voice over artists, and more. Also, DDA is one of the first corporate video production companies to create its very own network of actors, consisting of professional actors and actresses hand-picked by DDA, on call whenever you need them.
  • We Do it All. With DDA, your Product Launch Video is only limited to the scope of your imagination. We offer the most comprehensive list of video production services for the most advanced, professional, and attractive Product Launch Videos possible. DDA incorporates Interactive Integration™, our unique ability to combine advanced technologies to create entirely new techniques of production. All of DDA’s video production services, combined with our complimentary competitive analysis and integration of marketing messages, makes DDA the best option for the production of your Product Launch Video.

Your Product Launch Video with DDA will be On Time, Under Budget, and of the Highest Quality.

DDA’s affordable video production services are easier and higher in quality than any other studio available. Whether your business needs a Product Launch Video, a Website Spokesperson Video, an Educational or Trade Show Video, or other, DDA is the only choice for your company. Not only does DDA create superior corporate videos, but we also offer the full range of Digital Advertising and marketing services. With DDA, you can begin by creating a Product Launch Video and then decide that you need a website with flash animation, or you need CD-ROMs and DVDs to pass out at trade shows, and the process will remain seamless and cost-efficient. DDA is the only video production company that employs programmers, copywriters, actors and actresses, animators, and more to offer the entire range of digital production services. For the highest quality Product Launch Video, DDA is the only choice for corporate video production.


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