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why choose dda for your video

Why Choose Dynamic Digital Advertising as your Video Production Company for Training Videos?

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!For the most innovative and effective Product Launch Video, choose DDA, a video production company with a long history of pushing technological boundaries. DDA’s unparalleled services are partly due to the practice of Interactive Integration™, which is the combining of technologies to create entirely new ways to market products and reach customers. DDA is staffed by degreed and experienced videographers, programmers, copywriters, editors, graphic designers and marketing specialists, who together, offer more services than any conventional production company.

Since 1994, DDA has been revolutionizing the video production industry by translating theories of lean manufacturing to streamline the process of creating corporate and business videos, such as Product Launch Videos. Our clients are able to choose from a virtually unlimited amount of services, including concept development, casting, storyboarding, scriptwriting, shooting, editing, special effects (FX), and more. They can choose as many or as few of the services as they desire. This modularization of the process allows DDA to offer a comprehensive menu of services at a reduced rate while maintaining high quality and a highly customized product.

At DDA, We Can Tailor any Training Video to Meet your Company’s Needs.

Your Product Launch Video should communicate the benefit of your new product while reflecting the values of your company. In a business world where people are exposed to over 17,000 advertising messages everyday, a professionally produced Product Launch Video by DDA, will let viewers know that your product and your company are worth paying attention to. Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, including from the advertising, medical, and media industries. By combining talents with the latest technology, DDA produces powerful Product Launch Videos that can be cross-purposed. Your video can be tailored for broadcast on television (TV) over the internet as a webmercial, integrated as streaming video into your corporate website, put on CD-Rom or DVD for distribution at events such as tradeshows, or mailed to prospective customers.

DDA’s Unique Approach to the Production of your Product Launch Video

Unlike average video production companies, DDA’s compartmentalized production process easily allows us to adapt to the needs of your specific Product Launch Video whether you need full service or partial. If, for example, you already have a script written, DDA can provide the additional services you need for a fully integrated Product Launch Video. If you have already filmed your Product Launch Video, DDA can edit and add special effects (FX) for a truly professional finished product. Or, if you need the full range of services from concept development to post production editing and web integration, DDA can do it all.


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