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Dynamic Digital Advertising: A Closer Look

For an attention grabbing Product Launch Video, with the latest technologies at an affordable rate, there is no better company than Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). At the forefront of the digital revolution since 1994, DDA provides the full range of services in a business that is often segmented and one-dimensional. With one amazing production company, you can get video production services, graphic design services, programming services, copywriting services, marketing and branding, casting and more. At DDA, if you want to turn your Product Launch Video into a webmercial (internet commercial) or you want to build a dynamic website with streaming video, DDA can do it all with ease.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Since the beginning of the digital revolution, DDA has made it a priority to offer the latest technologies to our clients at affordable rates. One look at our timeline and you will see that not only has DDA consistently offered the latest technologies to our clients, we have been creating new ones. By combining the latest innovations with DDA’s unique capabilities, we have developed services that no other company can offer, such as Onlivemation™ videos and Infoactive™ videos. Your Product Launch Video or DVD will not only be an effective way to introduce viewers to your new product, but it can also be used along with DDA’s other services to enhance many other facets of your corporate identity. DDA can integrate your video into your company’s website, or build an entirely new website around your video. DDA can produce your video for broadcast television (TV), we can put your video on CD, CD-ROM, and DVDs, compatible with both PCs and MACs, to be handed out at promotional events such as tradeshows, or mailed out in response to requests for more information. With DDA, your Product Launch Video can reach a wider audience than you ever thought possible!

For your Product Launch Video Discover the DDA Difference:

  1. Every Form of Digital Advertising Under One Roof: Complete your project quickly and efficiently with the full range of production services offered by DDA. Rather than dealing with multiple companies for each step in the production of your Product Launch Video, DDA can do it all, including conceptualization, storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing in post production, adding special effects (FX) and more!
  2. Creativity and Marketing Combine for Powerful Product Launch Videos and DVDs: DDA integrates corporate branding into every project, free of charge, to ensure your Product Launch Video achieves the maximum return on investment. DDA’s staff, with varied professional backgrounds, including medical, business, marketing, and creative media, combine current technologies with the future of advertising to keep you ahead of the competition.
  3. DDA Can Produce your Product Launch Video in Any Format: DDA’s process of combining technologies, known as Interactive Integration™, allows our clients to showcase their products in new and innovative ways, which helps them stand out from the crowd. With DDA, you can reach any audience because we can create videos for any medium, including Internet, CD-ROM, DVD, broadcast for television (TV) and even HD.
  4. Marketing Systems™: Any good marketing strategy begins with an investigation and analysis of what customers need. At DDA, we understand this principal and we don’t simply create marketing and Product Launch Videos; we analyze the needs of our clients and their target markets and create whole Marketing Systems™. With an eye for long-term marketing solutions, DDA houses a team of videographers, animation specialists, editors, copywriters, search engine optimization (SEO) writers, web designers and programmers, creating comprehensive marketing strategies. At DDA, we create Product Launch Videos that incorporate a whole market view, to strengthen corporate identity and guarantee long-term success.

The Big Picture

DDA combines a talented staff, advanced technology, and the most comprehensive menu of services available to turn the fragmented industry of digital advertising into a streamline production process. With DDA, your Product Launch Video will be efficiently produced, effective, and infinitely beneficial to your company.


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