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Dynamic Digital Advertising Product Showcase Video Case Study

Outshine the competition and set your product on the path to success with a Product Showcase Video from Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). With Product Showcase Videos from DDA the possibilities to illuminate your product and captivate your audience are virtually endless. At DDA, when we create a Corporate or Medical Product Showcase Video our goal is to provide all viewers with a mesmerizing audial and visual experience that will leave them wanting your product. When Norazza, a provider of high-quality accessories for digital media, including cleaning kits, digital camera carrying cases, products for CD/DVD duplication, and secure CD/DVD disposal, came to DDA for a way to effectively communicate their innovative new product, the Ape Case for Digital SLR Cameras, DDA seamlessly integrated Flash Animation, high-resolution digital photography, and a series of video production services for a final result of a comprehensive Product Showcase Video/film.

DDA: Not your Average Video Production Company for Product Showcase Videos

Unlike other entertainment, film, media, and video production companies, DDA provides an array of customized video and advertising services to choose from. All under one roof, we offer preproduction planning, scriptwriting of screenplay quality, to the post production, editing, narration, and DVD package design, and so much more. Location is never obstacle with DDA, because Everywhere is Local for DDA. No matter where you are located, DDA will work one-on-one with your to create the best Product Showcase Video that truly reflects your vision and your desired marketing message.

Norazza's final product, an innovative Product Demonstration Video, showcased how to operate the Ape Case for Digital SLR Cameras while integrating a variety of DDA's services. DDA literally put a new spin on Norraza's product by allowing users to have a hands on experience with the simple drag of the computer's mouse. Each aspect of the video was user-friendly and gave the viewer the opportunity to turn the product upside down, backwards, view the inside of the product, and open all the compartments within the Ape Case for Digital SLR Cameras. Onlookers were captivated by the compelling video with embedded images and the use of digital photography within the Product Showcase Video. DDA was the first full-service advertising agency in Pennsylvania (PA) to have a digital photography studio. Not only was Norazza's Product Showcase Video a success, but also their marketing message was greatly improved as DDA worked with them to develop the most powerful marketing message possible.

Some of the Video Production Services that DDA Provided to Norazza Included:

Increase your Marketing Strength and Corporate Identity with a DDA Produced Product Showcase Video

DDA made all of Norazza's visions come to life and we helped generate new leads and achieve heightened levels of success for Norazza. DDA, the state-of-the-art video production company and advertising agency, is a one-stop-shop for all of your video production needs and multimedia projects. Whether it is a Training Video, Trade Show Video, Medical Video, Corporate Spokesperson Video, website, or other videos, DDA can do it all. Our team of degreed designers, programmers, video technicians, and professional actors and actresses, and voiceover artists are sure to meet all of your needs.

Virtual medical simulations represent the pinnacle of medical eLearning. Combining live-action video, voice-over narration, custom 3D environments, 3D models, 2D and 3D animation, virtual reality, gamified skills testing, certification, and more, virtual medical simulations represent the core of what DDA is all about: combining creative and technical disciplines to execute robust interactive multimedia platforms with beautiful aesthetics and engaging dynamics that make for richly rewarding and memorable experiences. DDA pioneered virtual medical simulation technology, and its exceptional work in the field earned it the first issued Tabby Award for Best iPad Healthcare App in 2012, for the Philips Health XperGuide VMS. Contact DDA today to learn more about what virtual medical simulations can do for your organization.

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