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Executive Summary

Dynamic Digital Advertising: A Pioneer of Customized Video Production Services

With extreme capabilities in video production and an endless list of digital advertising services to choose from, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is leading the way into 21st century. No entertainment, film, media, or video production company offers affordable and effective video production services like DDA. For too long, companies have been left struggling with limited options and over-priced, inefficient services to produce powerful Corporate and Medical Product Showcase Videos. However, DDA has opened the door of opportunity for any company looking for exceptional video production services, by reinventing the video production process. DDA can lead you down the path to success by implementing our customized video production services for your Product Showcase Video.

Incorporate the Services of DDA for your Interactive Product Showcase Video and You'll Receive Endless Benefits which Include:

  • A network of professional, diverse actors and actresses.
  • As much creative control as your company desires.
  • One-on-one interaction with all personnel working on your project.
  • An effective lean manufacturing approach to video production.
  • The choice of integrating a variety of multimedia services, including animation or Interactive Integration™, a highly innovative process that has recreated the DNA of digital technology.
  • No matter where you are located, DDA can complete your project from anywhere in the nation. Everywhere is Local for DDA.
  • A professional team of writers trained in scriptwriting and development of screenplay quality.
  • No residual fees for use of videos.
  • A detailed description of how all time expenditures were spent on your project, as recorded by the DDA TRAC™ (Time Resource and Accounting) program, which was developed by our in-house programmers.
  • A team dedicated to meeting the tightest deadlines.
  • Low hourly rates.

DDA Makes Video Production for a Product Showcase Video Seamless and Simple

The possibilities for your Product Showcase Video are virtually limitless, with Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). DDA aims to develop videos/films that stand out from the competition and highlight your products in way that captivates your audience and brings you success. No longer will your company be forced to start from scratch and be left looking for directors, voice over artists, production teams, professional actors and actresses, and strong marketing conceptualization, because DDA offers all of those services.

DDA takes a holistic approach to the video production process by applying the philosophy of lean manufacturing, which is the application of eliminating waste to increase overall value. We develop high-quality Product Showcase Videos/Films or television (TV) commercials that will fit your budget and your style through a variety of services. Our video production services include: conceptualization, scriptwriting and development, casting, a versatile network of actors and actresses, storyboarding, narration, directing, shooting, editing, and post production, as well as special visual effects and sound effects (FX). Unlike most video production businesses, we do not allow location to place restrictions on the production of your Product Showcase Video, because Everywhere is Local for DDA. If footage for your Product Showcase Video is not available on location, we have a national network of videographers who can tape for us on-location across the United States.

DDA is your one-stop-shop for all of your multimedia needs. DDA's exhaustive list of capabilities does not stop at excellent video production services. We can enhance or improve your whole marketing effort by providing you with our established services, including website design and development, search engine marketing, graphic design, and services from our degreed photographers, animators, programmers, web developers, search optimization technicians, and writers.

DDA was one of the first all digital video and animation studios in the country, and it has honed its services over the years by developing some of the highest quality medical eLearning videos and animations in the industry. Medical videos are effective when nothing but a real world view will do. DDA has captured complex surgical procedures on location, as well as recording spokesperson and other eLearning videos in its own green screen equipped studios just outside of Philadelphia. DDA provides casting of any professional voice-over or on-screen talent required through its own Actors’ Network. DDA also produces 2D medical animations, useful when anatomical structures need to be simplified or color contrasted to be understood, and 3D medical animations, when internal anatomical structures must be understood within their broader context within the body. Learn more about DDA’s long history with medical eLearning videos and animations. Contact DDA today.

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