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Sapling Inc. Chose DDA for their Technical Product Video

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, DDA has been leading the industry in digital video production, using the latest in cutting edge technology and even creating new techniques of production not available anywhere else. So, when Sapling Inc. a company specializing in the production of cutting edge time pieces, needed a special way to communicate the state-of-the-art technology behind their wireless timing devices, they chose DDA to create an informative and professional Technical Product Video.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!As the premier digital video production studio, DDA has revolutionized how corporations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations communicate with their target audiences. By utilizing DDA's video production services, including a spokesperson, 2D animation, audio and text combined, visual graphics, and interactive video that viewers control, Sapling Inc. was able to create a video that not only explained the benefits of their wireless clocks, but also reinforced the professionalism and high-tech image of their company.

Choose Full or Partial Services for your DDA Produced Technical Product Video

Unlike any other digital video production company, DDA offers the full range of services for your Technical Product Video, including marketing. Choose as many or as few services as your video needs, from preproduction planning and conceptualization, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and casting; production services such as filming on location or in the studio; and post production (also spelled postproduction) services like editing, special effects (FX), animation and more! Choose exactly what you need, and pay for only the services you use.

Make your Technical Product Video with DDA No Matter Where you Are

No matter where your company headquarters are located, DDA can plan, film, and edit your Technical Product Video. Due to DDA's revolutionary national network of affiliated studios and artists, companies across the nation can utilize the advanced video production techniques of DDA. Whether you need the full range of services, or you simply need special effects (FX) or editing.

Empower Your Marketing Technique with a Versatile Video by DDA

Choose DDA for the production of your Corporate or Medical Video and you will have access to the most powerful video production techniques, the most talented artists, and expert marketers that guarantee your product will be more than a video. By using the most advanced technology in our videos DDA ensures that your Technical Product Video will be relevant and appear modern for years to come. Have DDA produce your video on CD-ROM or DVD to mail out or hand out at trade shows; have DDA compress your video for webcasting or streaming online video, which can be featured on your homepage. DDA's web programmers can even create an entirely new website featuring your compelling Technical Product Video. With DDA, your marketing potential is virtually limitless.


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