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DDA: Reinventing the Production Process of Technical Product Videos

From the earliest days of the digital revolution, DDA has been proud to offer the latest in video production technology. Not satisfied to just be on the cutting edge, DDA has a long history of firsts, a history of being ahead of the field and inventing unique techniques of production not offered by any other studio or production company. Because DDA houses a staff including marketing specialists, animators, copywriters, special effects (FX) experts, video specialists, graphic designers, and web developers, we are able to offer the most comprehensive list of services in the industry. Whether you need a Technical Product Video for television (TV), for DVD or CD-ROM, or you need your video integrated into a website for streaming online, DDA offers the services you need for the highest quality Technical Product Video.

What DDA Offers for your Technical Product Video:

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  • A national network of diverse professional actors and actresses.
  • The ability to control as much or as little of the production as you desire.
  • Direct access to the experts working on your film.
  • A timeline that precisely estimates the finishing date of your Technical Product Video.
  • The flexibility to add or delete services as the project progresses; you only pay for the services you use.
  • The ability to combine technologies such as web, print, video, and animation technology for whole Marketing Systems™.
  • Access to a national network of studios and video production specialists, because with DDA, Everywhere is Local.
  • A degreed team of writers for copywriting, scriptwriting, and screenplay development.
  • No residual fees for use of videos.
  • Affordable hourly rates.

Get an Effective and Efficiently Produced Technical Product Video

In the past, video production had a reputation for being a frustrating and disjointed process. With DDA, producing a high quality Technical Product Video has never been easier. By applying lean manufacturing techniques, and creating a modular structure of production, DDA is able to offer every imaginable service relating to the production of your Technical Product Video, while keeping costs and production time down.

Create the Best Technical Product Video by Choosing from DDA's Comprehensive List of Services

Get a Technical Product Video or online Training Video that is of the highest quality. With DDA's preproduction, production, and post production (also spelled postproduction) services, you can pick and choose the options that are right for your video. Below is a list of just some of DDA's video production services:

With DDA, marketing your Technical Product or training customers in the use of complex medical or scientific equipment has never been easier. No matter where you are, or what you need, DDA has the talent, equipment, and experience to produce a high quality video or film no matter where you are.


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