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Choose DDA for the Best Technical Product Video

Since 1994, DDA has proven that it is not only the premier digital advertising agency, but also that it is the most innovative and comprehensive video production company in the industry. Create a Technical Product Video to inform your target market about your company's new complex, scientific, medical, or industrial product, and at the same time promote your company. DDA is the best company to handle the promotion of industrial and Technical Products. Featuring a team of video specialists, copywriters, web developers, graphic designers, editors, and marketing experts, DDA has the ability to create entertaining and effective marketing videos for a variety of purposes and media.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!From conceptualization to the production of CD-ROMs and DVDs, there is no company that can offer the range and quality of video production services as DDA. Since the earliest days of the digital revolution, DDA has reinvented the way corporate films and videos are made. By combining the creativity of film making with the expert marketing of digital advertising on television and online, DDA is able to reach the widest possible market for our clients. And because DDA features a nation-wide network of affiliated studios, actors and actresses, and video specialists, you can work with DDA no matter where your company is located. DDA makes Everywhere local, so you no longer have to settle for a second rate video produced by the local film studio.

Custom Designed Technical Product Videos

At DDA, we don't just produce a generic Corporate Video. Your product and corporation require specific marketing and advertising techniques. Our marketing specialists analyze the specific benefits and advantages of your company and integrate branding and effective marketing messages directly into your Technical Product Video free of charge. With a variety of backgrounds, including medical, business, industrial, and entertainment, DDA's talented and degreed staff have the ability to create an attention grabbing and compelling Technical Product Video for your company. By not only explaining the inner workings of your complex scientific, industrial, or medical product in an interesting way, your Technical Product Video will reflect the values and advantages of your products, services, and company at large.

DDA's Unique Approach to Technical Product Video Production

Unlike the average film or video production company, DDA applies the techniques of lean manufacturing to modularize the process of video production, allowing DDA to offer every service your company could need for an outstanding Technical Product Video. Whether your want full or partial services, DDA can meet your video's every need. Planning, conceptualization, casting actresses and actors, filming, editing, special effects (FX), animation, production and duplication of DVDs and CD-ROMs, and even web development-DDA can do it all. Call DDA today for a professional and uniquely effective Technical Product Video.


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