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DDA's Medical Trade Show Video Case Study

As the nation's leading media and video production company, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has all the qualities, capabilities, and experience you need to produce only the most innovative and effective Medical or Corporate Trade Show Video. Even better, we ensure a hassle-free video production experience. No longer will your company have to suffer through the burdens and headaches that often accompany the video production process. Instead, enjoy the hassle-free linear video production process that DDA follows for every video project. What's more is that you won't have to go shopping around for different video production companies to address all areas of your Trade Show Video. At DDA, we handle all facets of the video production process so that you can enjoy the benefits of one-stop-shopping. In fact, one example of DDA's expertise and services put into use can be seen in the Trade Show Video we developed and produced for Oncura.

With DDA's Video Production, Oncura Enjoyed the Benefit of One-Stop-Shopping

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!In 2005, Oncura, a division of General Electric, came to DDA in hopes of having the perfect Medical Trade Show Video created for them. Our extensive range of services came into full effect as we managed all areas of Oncura's Medical Video. From the beginning, we envisioned a simple yet sophisticated design that was sure to captivate the desired trade show audience. From concept development to preplanning, DDA handled the idea behind the innovative Medical Video. Our talented video production team (comprised of degreed videographers, programmers, graphic designers, photographers, and more) collaborated with Oncura to ensure that the design complemented the company as well as surpassed its expectations. As with every DDA project, we require step-by-step approval so that our clients maintain total control over the direction of the video.

Once the design was approved, we were eager to proceed with the project. Our exceptional staff of videographers developed 3D modeling that would intrigue onlookers and allow the company to be distinct among the competition at the 2005 AUA Trade Show. Additionally, we handled all of the video animation and compositing, giving Oncura the peace of mind that the video would flow nicely thanks to only having one video production company employed to do the job. As a means to complement the audio soundtrack we designed specifically for the Medical Video, DDA also created and integrated 2D illustrations into Oncura's video project.

DDA in Action: Oncura

  • Concept development
  • Preplanning
  • 3D modeling
  • Video animation and compositing
  • 2D illustration
  • Audio soundtrack

Boost Lead Generation and Demand More Attention with DDA-Developed Trade Show Videos

The final outcome of Oncura's Medical Trade Show Video was clean, fresh, and all-around innovative. The effectiveness behind the Trade Show Video allowed Oncura to demand more attention. With a Trade Show Video from DDA, you and your company are sure to gain more than you ever thought imaginable. Let us help you make your video concept a reality so that your company, like Oncura, may shine at the next upcoming trade show for your industry, regardless of whether you're part of the medical industry or the corporate world. Even better, DDA has the capability to cross-purpose your video (i.e. CD-ROM production, DVD production, webcasting, and more). So contact us today for more information about any of our video projects, including Trade Show Videos, Website Spokesperson Videos, Training Videos, Corporate Capabilities Videos, and more!


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