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A Closer Look at Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Video Production Company

Animation videos transform any video, film, or DVD into an art form. Original animation clips in 2D, 3D, and flash animation will captivate onlookers, leaving a lasting impression. In order to obtain the quality of animation you desire, you have to choose a video production company that has an exceptional staff with strong backgrounds in the production of animation, as well as powerful marketing capabilities. That is why Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is the logical choice for your business’ video animation production jobs. Leading the way in digital advertising since 1994, DDA offers an abundance of services under one roof. Every preproduction, production, and post production service is available for your choosing, ensuring your every possible need will be met. Our talented and degreed staff offers the finest video production services, design services, programming services, copywriting services, web design and development, marketing and branding, and casting services in the entire industry. An animated Corporate or Medical Video produced by DDA’s media and entertainment production company will surpass your expectations.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!DDA is in the business of achieving firsts. Take a look at our timeline and you will quickly learn that DDA has consistently embraced immerging technologies, while at the same time, creating our own, and guiding our clients into the 21st Century. By choosing DDA as the creator of your 2D, 3D, and flash animation production jobs, you are catapulting your animated Corporate or Medical Videos above all others. Why? Because with DDA, your animation film or DVD will feature exclusive DDA technologies like Onlivemation™, the interaction of real settings or actors with animation, and a powerful marketing package. Plus, DDA believes in cross-purposing every project. What this means is that your video animation DVD can morph into multiple forms, exposing your message to a far greater audience than originally imagined. What initially started as a promotional DVD to be handed out at tradeshows can be compressed to stream on your website, formatted for CD-ROM productions, or broadcast as a television (TV) commercial.

Why DDA’s Video Production Studio is Better

  1. Under one roof, have every form of digital advertising: All the digital advertising services you could possibly imagine are offered at DDA’s production studio. With one company, you will receive video preproduction and post production, animation, copywriting, programming, website development, design, marketing development, and more. DDA can do it all, from storyboarding, scriptwriting to directing, and the selection of professional actresses and actors, our level of services will satisfy every need.
  2. Melding our expertise to produce a captivating original animation: DDA’s degreed staff of writers, animators, videographers, and programmers work together, infusing your video animation clip with the elements needed to produce a powerful final video or DVD with a finely-tuned advertising message. DDA also looks to the future, figuring out how your project can cross platforms.
  3. Innovation: Creating the “new frontier” of marketing and advertising: DDA is constantly striving to develop new technologies that transform the animation and digital advertising realm. Through the introduction of Interactive Integration™ and Onlivemation™, DDA has done just that. Every piece of technology is combined to create a video experience like no other. Your entire animation video will function as a unit. Your viewers will experience your message, with sound effects (FX), visual effects (FX), special effects (FX), and animation working in tandem. With Onlivemation™, a real live actor or actress will interact with an animated world, intriguing potential clients, drawing them into your powerful marketing message.
  4. Marketing Systems™: When DDA takes on a project such as an original animation clip or film, website, or brochure, we concern ourselves with your business’ health, finding ways to ensure a successful and bright future. Once you partner with DDA, our many services will help your business realize greater success by improving the traffic on your websites, developing effective ads, and strengthening your corporate identity.

DDA’ Holistic Approach to Video Production and Advertising Will Help you Realize the Big Picture

When working with DDA, all of our expertise and services are infused into your 2D, 3D, or flash animation films, video endeavors, and advertising projects, ensuring the highest production value. We understand the traditional media and entertainment production company approach to video creation is ineffective. Fragmented and piecemeal approaches to advertising will not yield the results you desire or deserve. Choose DDA and experience the services of the pioneering digital advertising company all at affordable costs.

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