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Geography is no longer a boundary when creating thrilling corporate Video Games for CD-ROM or on the Internet. Because of DDA’s modularized process of video production, we are able to offer the widest range of services and the affordable rates to companies across the nation. Don’t settle for the limited choices and inflated prices of local studios; choose DDA, the premier video production studio for a dynamic, effective, and budget friendly Corporate or Medical Video Game.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!DDA uses intense graphics, 3-D animation, and the most advanced post production techniques to create Video Games that entice viewers to revisit your CD-ROM or website over and over. This makes DDA produced Video Games powerful tools for communicating your company’s message, whether it is to advertise a product, promote your business, or educate the public. And because DDA has created a national network of affiliated studios, professionals, and actresses and actors, you can easily create Video Games with DDA no matter where your headquarters are.

Nationally or Locally, a DDA Video Game Gets your Organization Noticed

By applying lean manufacturing methods to the process of video production and Video Game development, DDA is able to offer the widest range of video production services while retaining affordable hourly rates, and giving our clients access to cutting edge technology and techniques. DDA’s in-studio team of copywriters, graphic artists, web developers, marketing experts, video game creators, 3-D animation specialists, editors and more- work hand-in-hand with our national network of affiliates to offer you the very best in video production services. No matter what your company needs, a Video Game, Product Launch Video, Corporate Sales Video, Training Video, Educational Video, Medical Video, or other, DDA is the company to choose for quality digital advertising. Our services range from preproduction planning all the way through the process of post production (postproduction), and you can choose and pay for as many or as few of DDA’s video production services as your game needs. Our services include:

DDA Produces The Highest Quality Video Games for the Promotion of your Company

While DDA has a long history of early adoption of new technology, what we are really proud of are our firsts. While other production studios focus on one area of production, DDA is unique in its ability to handle the entire production process for any media, including print, web, DVD or CD-ROM, and television (TV). It is this unique characteristic that has allowed DDA to invent a process known as Interactive Integration™, which is the combining of new technologies to create entirely unique techniques for producing digital advertising, such as Onlivemation™, and Infoactive™ Videos, which are only offered by DDA. When you choose DDA for the production of your corporate or promotional Video Game, you have access to unlimited marketing services and you will end up with a resource that will remain useful long into the future.


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