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Dynamic Digital Advertising Reinvents Video Game and Video Production

Choose DDA, the premier digital advertising agency and video production company for the creation of your dynamic Video Game. No matter what your corporation or organization needs a Video Game for, whether it’s to stand out at a trade show, explain a technical or medical issue, advertise a new product, or promote your company, DDA has the staff, services, and technological prowess to give you what you need. And because DDA has been perfecting the process of digital marketing and video production since 1994, the process itself is as fun as one of our video games.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!By modeling our process of producing videos and video games on the method of lean manufacturing, DDA has created a modularized approach to producing videos and video games. This process gives our clients access to the greatest range of services and the highest level of advanced technologies while keeping our hourly rates affordable.

Get a DDA Video Game No Matter Where you Are Located  

DDA is a revolution in the industry of video and film production, as well as web development and video game design. Our national network of affiliates, studios, and actresses and actors, allows DDA to work with companies across the country, regardless of location. No matter where you are, you can take advantage of the leading video game production studio, rather than settling for small-time video game animator down the street.

Whether you simply need a video game, or you need the full range of services from preproduction concept development, writing or script development, integration of marketing messages, filming, casting actresses and actors, voice over work, or you just need the addition of 3-D animation, 2-D animation, or editing and special effects (FX), DDA offers the best of customized video production, with access to the highest number of services and the most advanced technology. Have your video game produced on the Internet, for CD-ROM, or on DVD. DDA’s talented staff can integrate your video into an existing website, or our developers can create an entirely new website for your corporation, featuring your new video game. With DDA, the uses for your corporate video game are only limited to your imagination.

The Advantage of Producing a Corporate Video Game with DDA:

Unlike other Video Game developers, animation studios or film production companies, DDA offers more services, at better rates, and utilizes the most advanced technologies for truly superior video products. Read Below for more of the benefits of working with DDA:

  • Choose your voice actor, model, or spokesperson from DDA’s nation-wide network of professional actors with the DDA Actors Network.
  • Experience creative control. DDA puts the reins of your video project in your own hands. Exert as much or as little control as you desire.
  • Know exactly how time was spent working on your Video Game or video project with the in-house developed TRAC™ system (Time Resource and Accounting), created by DDA programs and presented upon completion of your project.
  • Choose as many or as few of DDA’s services as your film or video project needs with Full or Partial Services.
  • Take advantage of DDA’s national network of studios, actors, and video production specialists because for DDA Everywhere is Local.
  • Have DDA’s copywriters and script developers create and complete the conceptual idea behind your corporate video game, or work with the writers to develop and embellish an existing idea for your video game.
  • Meet deadlines, no matter how soon you need your video game or film.
  • Get the highest technology, customization, and low hourly rates.

Get Efficiency and Quality with a Corporate Video Game from DDA on CD-ROM, DVD, or on the Internet

From the very beginning, production of video games and corporate films has been a frustrating, disjointed, and ineffective process. DDA has been revolutionizing the way DVDs, CD-ROMs, Internet videos, and television commercials are produced. By offering the greatest range of video production services, our clients can work with just one company to effortlessly meet all of their video production needs. Get the hands on customization of a local company, but the efficiency, technology, and effectiveness of a national company. And because DDA features a nation-wide network of film, video and game production specialists, Everywhere is Local.

Choose from DDA’s wide range of services, including preproduction conceptualization, scriptwriting or script development, casting, production filming, on location or in the studio, post production (also spelled postproduction ) editing, special effects (FX), CD-ROM and DVD production, voice over work, and much more. DDA can even integrate your video game into a streaming website, to truly get your company the attention it needs to succeed.


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