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DDA Integrates Corporate Identity and Marketing into Outstanding Video Games

DDA, the premier digital advertising agency, has not only reinvented the way Corporate and Medical Videos are produced, we have reinvented the way companies think about marketing. By offering more services than any other production studio, DDA is able to combine powerful marketing techniques with entertaining and engaging digital media such as videos, animation, and Video Games. Whether you want to launch a product, train consumers or employees, educate the public, or promote your company, an enticing Video Game produced by DDA is an effective way to rise above the competition and get your organization the attention it deserves.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Since 1994, DDA has been leading the digital revolution and helping non-profit and for-profit companies create Marketing Systems™ that get results. By applying the ideas of lean manufacturing to the process of video production, DDA has been able to create a modularized method of creating films, videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Video Websites, and Video Games. By standardizing the various elements involved in creating a Corporate or Medical Video Game, DDA is able to offer a greater number of services, using the latest in technology, while at the same time, keeping our hourly rates affordable. No other digital advertising agency can replicate the efficiency and quality provided by DDA.

DDA has a Powerful List of Services for Truly Effective Video Games

In today’s marketing environment where consumers are confronted with thousands of advertisements everyday, a Video Game is a unique way to communicate with potential customers, investors, or the public. It is easy to communicate a marketing message when viewers actually want to see your advertisement. That is why DDA creates Video Games that are not only fun and appealing, but also have brand marketing and corporate identity integrated directly into your game. Unlike other Video Game or Video production companies, DDA’s staff includes marketing experts, working alongside with copywriters, editors, graphic artists, web programmers, and Video Game creators. It is this experienced and degreed staff of diverse experts that allows DDA to offer services including website design and development, graphic design, copywriting, illustration, tradeshow displays, CD-ROM and DVD production, photography, webcasting, 3-d modeling, animation, virtual reality, and the production of outstanding Video Games.

Full Service Marketing and Integration can Set your DDA Video Game Apart from the Competition

Let’s face it, getting the attention of the average person, especially if your message is complicated, technical, or medical, is near impossible. At DDA, with our history of firsts, we specialize in the incredible. Through our process of Interactive Integration™, DDA has combined the latest technologies to create entirely unique video services, such as Onlivemation™ and InfoActive™ Videos. Our dedication to innovation benefits our client’s, whether they need CD-ROMs and DVDs for mail out, Trade Show Displays, or Television (TV) commercials. DDA has helped companies from a variety of industries all over the country reach their target audience and get results. Some of the other types of videos DDA produces include:

Create a Unique Video Game With DDA, Anywhere

No matter where your company is, or how many or few services your Video Game requires, DDA is your best choice. With a nation wide network of studios, actresses and actors, editors, video game creators, web developers, and more, Everywhere is Local for DDA. Now you don’t have to use the video game creator that is a friend of a friend, working out of his basement, just because he is local. Now you can use a professional and experienced video game production company, even if you are on the other side of the country.

For your Video Game, Only DDA can Do it All

DDA is the only digital advertising agency or video production company that can offer the full range of services from preproduction through post production (or postproduction). Whether you simply need special effects (FX) added to your Video Game, or you need all of DDA’s video production services, including concept development, script writing, 3-D animation, web development, or even disk label design and case design. With DDA, your Video Game is limited only to your imagination. If you can dream it, DDA can do it.


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