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the process of producing a corporate video with dda

Create the Highest Quality Video Game Production for your Business with DDA

Create a Video Game with power and style when you choose Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), the premier digital marketing and video production company. Since the beginning of the digital revolution, DDA has been reinventing the way movies and video games are made. Through decades of experience in creating videos, websites, and video games online and off, DDA’s production process has evolved into a method that produces high quality films and games at reduced rates. We at DDA, offer the greatest number of promotional advertising services, utilize the latest in technology, and are still able to offer customization and affordable rates for out clients.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!DDA has a long history of adopting advanced technology before everyone else, and a history of offering innovative services to our clients (check out DDA firsts). Regardless of your company’s industry, whether educational, medical, or consumer, a promotional online video game, brochure, or trade show display by DDA is sure to impress your target audience. Whether your company or corporation would like a Training Video, a Virtual Reality Video, an Infomercial for television (TV) broadcast, or a Webmercial (internet commercial), a video produced by DDA’s studio may be exactly what your business needs to surpass the competition and get the attention your company deserves. And with DDA’s unique process of production, getting a great Video Game has never been easier.

DDA’s Linear Process of Creating Video Games

Our clients come from all over the United States, from a variety of industries, and all with different hopes for their Corporate or Medical Video Game or film. Some of our clients utilize the engaging images and audio of an Internet video game to promote their company and communicate their values and competitive advantage to potential clients, investors, and affiliates. Other corporations choose to utilize the video game to educate their target audience about complex and scientific issues. Whatever the purpose of your DDA video game, our game creators, designers, and programmers work with you one-on-one to determine your exact needs, define your target market, and create the most entertaining and effective online video game possible.

From the earliest contact with DDA, our clients know that their Internet Video Game, Product Launch Video, Sales Video, Spokesperson Video, or Promotional DVD or CD-ROM will be powerful and efficiently produced. Our team members come from various fields, including advertising and marketing, video production, entertainment, business, print, news journalism, and more. This allows DDA to offer services ranging from preproduction conceptualization, scriptwriting or script development, storyboarding, casting actresses and actors, to on location filming, and including post production editing, voice over work, special effects (FX), 3D animation, and much more. DDA can take care of disk label and case design, and the production of your CDs, DVDs, or CD-ROMs.

DDA: Not Just Video Games

As one of the only full service advertising agencies, working with DDA means that your film or Video Game has limitless marketing potential. At DDA, we aren’t exclusively a video production company. As a full-service advertising agency, we are able to provide services such as integrating your Video Game into your existing corporate website, or building an entirely new website featuring your dynamic new Video Game. And because DDA also has a background in print and trade show displays, you can parlay your video game into a wellspring of promotional opportunity. Use it to gain attention at infamously crowded trade shows, or have it put onto a CD-ROM and mail it to potential customers, clients, or investors. With a Video Game produced by DDA, the possibilities are virtually endless.

DDA helps you get the maximum return on investment from your promotional Video Game, whether on CD-ROM or online because, unlike other film and video game production companies, DDA doesn’t just make Video Games. Our marketing experts analyze your target market, and perform complimentary competitor analysis to guarantee that effective marketing messages, as well as corporate identity branding are integrated throughout your video game. This ensures that the audience engaging in your Corporate or Medical Video Game gets the message.

Lean Manufacturing for Cost Effective Production of Video Games

In a revolutionary move, unrepeated by any other video or game production company, DDA has applied the theories of lean manufacturing to the process of video production. This has allowed us to offer more services than any other film studio, while reducing costs to our clients, and increasing the ease of producing their Corporate or Medical Video Game.

Our clients come to us at every stage in the production of their Video Games. You may have already finished concept development and script writing and you need a company to take care of post production (also written postproduction) editing, addition of special effects (FX) or 3-D animation, DDA offers the services you need to create a professional and promotional Video Game for your company or business. Choose from as many or as few of DDA’s services as you need.

DDA Process of Producing Corporate Videos and Video Games is Flexible yet Predictable

Because DDA has been at the forefront of the digital revolution since 1994, our process of creating corporate and medical videos, websites, and videos games is a highly matured method. From preproduction through post production, our highly trained project coordinators will keep you informed on the progress of your Video Game, and we require approval at every stage in the process. This infrastructure guarantees that you are never in the dark about your project and that the end-result is exactly what you expected. Though DDA’s process is highly evolved and modularized, we still leave plenty of opportunity for creativity and our clients can contribute as much or as little to the project as they want.

DDA is the only film production company that can offer this range of flexibility, because we offer more services than any other studio. If you decide in the middle of production that you would not only like a Video Game, but also a website to show off your game, and a print brochure as well, DDA is the only company that moves at the speed of your imagination. With a staff of writers, web designers, graphic artists, videographers, editors, and more, we are able to offer every service you can imagine, including:

DDA Offers the Highest Quality Experience and Highest Quality Video Games

DDA takes pride in the fact that we offer more services than any other film, video, or game production company in the field. Not only that, but we also offer services that nobody else can, because we are continually innovating with the latest technology, in an effort to provide better service to our clients. For a video game that is effective, versatile, and will remain useful for many years, choose Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), and get your company the attention it deserves.


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