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why choose dda for your video

Why is DDA is the Best Choice for the Production of your Corporate or Medical Video Game?

If you want a Video Game that targets the attention of your desired market like a lightening beam, then choose Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). As a leader in the digital revolution, DDA is the only digital advertising agency and video production company that can combine the latest technologies, with marketing integration, for a seamless blend of entertainment and advertising. DDA offers more services than any other film or video production studio, and we can work with you no matter where you are located, because for DDA Everywhere is Local.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Since 1994, DDA has been reinventing the way Corporate and Medical Videos are produced. With services ranging from preproduction concept development, copywriting, script writing, and casting actresses and actors, production services like, shooting on location and in the studio, and post production (or postproduction) services like editing, animation in 2-D or 3-D, voice over narration, special effects (FX), web integration, disk label and case design, and CD-ROM or DVD production, DDA can truly do it all.

DDA’s Promotional Video Games for the Internet or Off-line are Effective Marketing Tools

DDA’s diverse and skilled staff not only includes video professionals such as script writers, directors, editors, and animators, but we also house marketing experts who integrate branding and corporate identity into every Video Game we create—free of charge. And there is no more powerful way to get the attention of consumers than by creating a form of advertising that they actually want to experience, like Video Games. Our graphic designers, video game creators, and web developers are specially trained to use images and audio in new and dynamic ways that delight viewers and get your marketing message heard. Games are especially useful for conveying technical or medical information. With topics that are complicated or boring, it is particularly difficult to convince consumers to remain attentive to your advertisement. A Video Game by DDA however, has just the right mix of information and entertainment, so that even the driest subject becomes interesting. Whether you want a Video Game for your company website online, or you want it on CD-ROM, or if you even want it as part of a Trade Show Display, DDA is the only production company that offers the services that produce outstanding marketing tools.

With DDA You Don’t Have to Stop at Video Games

By the same principals and values that allow DDA to combine and reinvent technology to create innovative Video Games, we are also able to offer the full range of marketing services to our clients. You can choose to just create a Video Game with DDA, or, for fully integrated marketing message throughout your company’s digital material, you can take advantage of DDA’s other services—all offered under the same roof. These services include, print brochure creation, logo design, web design and development, television (TV) commercials, webmercials, 3D and 2D animation, graphic design, and more.

DDA’s Unique Approach to Video Game Production

Choose DDA for the production of your company’s Video Game and you will be tapped into a national network of marketing experts, video professionals, video game creators, actors and actresses and so much more. Because DDA is on the cutting-edge of video production technology as well as advertising techniques, your DDA Video Game will remain relevant and useful for many years, even as technology advances. Work with DDA to create a Video Game that can help your company surpass the competition and get your message heard.


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