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Why Produce a Video

Grab your Target Market with Entertaining Video Games by DDA

In today’s competitive business world, getting the attention of your target audience can be a lot like Rubik’s cube: almost impossible! The average person sees over 17,000 advertising messages a day and they have become pretty savvy in avoiding advertisements. With a promotional Video Game by DDA, the leading video production company and digital advertising agency, you can solve this marketing puzzle. Degreed and experienced Video Game designers or creators work in concert with a team of marketing experts, writers, animation specialists, and more, in order to create Video Games with powerfully integrated marketing messages that people actually want to play! Rather than chasing away customers with intrusive ads, DDA creates Video Games that bring your targeted audience to you.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Whether you want Video Games online, integrated into your website, on CD-ROM for mail-out, or as the centerpiece of your Trade Show Display, DDA has the experience and services to meet your every need.

Choose Promotional Video Games by DDA to Appeal to a Consumer Controlled Market

There is nothing that today’s sophisticated consumers like more than control. They choose the website, they choose the television channel, and they choose how much advertising and marketing they see. Television (TV) commercials and pop-ads mean very little to the modern audience; if they are not entertained, they will not pay attention, and if they don’t pay attention your television (TV) commercial, webmercial (internet commercial), product launch video, trade show video, educational video, or medical video is practically useless. But Video Games created by DDA are sure to grab their attention and have them coming back again and again, resulting in an extraordinarily powerful way to convey a message, market a product, or promote your company.

Not only is DDA experienced in using the most advanced technology for film and video production, but also we have revolutionized the way studios develop Video Games. By using lean manufacturing techniques, and creating a modular process, DDA’s Video Game creators are able to offer services for your company regardless of the developmental stage your Video Game is in. If you have already finished preproduction, for example you already have an idea or concept for your game, DDA’s Video Game developers, can take over and bring your project through post production (postproduction) for a fun and effective promotional Video Game. Because DDA is a full service advertising agency and video production company, your Video Game will have endless potential: let DDA compress and integrate your Video Game into your corporate website, or have DDA’s web developers create an entirely new website for your Internet Video Game; or have DDA produce your Video Game on CD-ROM in order to mail it out or pass it out at trade shows; DDA’s graphic designers can even do Disk label and Insert Design. Unlike other video production studios, DDA offers the full range of services, including scriptwriting, script development, casting actresses and actors, storyboarding, and filming on location or in studio. DDA also offers more post production (or postproduction) services than other studios, including voice over, narration, editing, special effects (FX), 3-D animation, 2-D animation, motion capture, duplication, and compression for the web.

Make Video Games with DDA No Matter Where you Are Located

For DDA, Everywhere is local. That means that no matter where you are located, you have access to the unlimited services and advanced technologies of the leading video production and digital advertising agency. Corporations and organizations are no longer forced to use the film production studio down the street, with their limited options, unpredictable quality, and high costs. Through the use of lean manufacturing techniques and the utilization of advanced technology, DDA has been able to produce high quality websites, videos, video games, brochures, and trade show displays for companies across the nation. Whether you need a video for television (TV), a website video, a video game on DVD or CD-ROM, only one service, or everything from preproduction to post production, DDA is the country’s best option for the production of Corporate and Medical Videos and Video Games.


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