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Whether you require an Educational Video, Training Video or an Instructional Video, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) offers exceptional video production for your company in Albany, Alfred, or Buffalo, New York (NY) or Matawan, Paramus, or Riverdale, New Jersey (NJ). Our systematic, linear approach to video production offers you a fresh way to make a quality video. No longer will you have to suffer through the hassles, headaches, and frustrations of hiring more than one company for the job. At DDA, we tailor and streamline the process for you so that you can enjoy one-stop shopping. Even better, we allow you to gain all the benefits of a small video production company (i.e. personal service and direct communication with any individual working on your project) combined with the major advantages of a technologically advanced digital advertising firm (i.e. Interactive Integration™).

Everywhere is Local for DDA So You Can Film Your Educational Video Anywhere
Most video production companies limit their clients’ filming locations. Not DDA. We specially developed a national network of affiliate studios to ensure that you can film your video, whether it is an Educational Video or a New Product Launch Video, virtually anywhere at anytime. For your company in Kennett Square, Media, or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA), video production from DDA far exceeds all the local guys in terms of technology, pricing, and quality. Get started today by choosing one of the three options below:

  1. You Shoot, We Edit – Already hired a videographer? Not a problem. Simply send us the footage and we’ll handle it from there.
  2. Our Partners Shoot, We Edit – Located far from DDA? We’ll have one of our affiliates film and then we’ll go ahead and edit.
  3. We Do It All – Need everything taken care of for you? That’s just fine! We’ll get started immediately and see to it that all areas of video production are managed.

DDA Offers Full Service Marketing and Integration with Every Technical Product Video
For every project we undertake, including Technical Product Videos, DDA integrates powerfully effective marketing messages and themes as a way to strengthen your corporate identity, free of charge. DDA recognizes the importance of marketing and just how advantageous it can be. A stronger corporate image is beneficial in boosting lead generation. This is reason enough for us to strive to put forth nothing less than successful video production for your Malden, Salem, or Worcester, Massachusetts (MA) company.

DDA-Developed Instructional Videos: Innovative, Informative, and Successful Leave a lasting impression on your clients in Arlington, Bedford, or Bristol, Virginia (VA) or the District of Columbia (DC) area with an Instructional Video that is just as functional as it is appealing. To set your company apart from all the rest, let DDA handle all facets of video production for you, saving you time, money, and aggravation. From concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting, filming, directing, editing, narration, voice over artists, special effects (FX), and animation, DDA has the skill set and versatility needed to accommodate all your video production needs.

Benefit Your Company and Your Employees with Training Videos from DDA Video
Increase the productivity of your company in Franklin, Piermont, or Roxbury, New Hampshire (NH) with a Training Video from DDA. Rather than dealing with confused employees and upset customers, why not let DDA develop a video intended to inhibit problems before they start? There’s no reason that these videos have to be boring and an excuse to nap for your employees. Instead, educate, inform, and engage your employees with a visually appealing and informative Training Video from DDA.

DDA can offer your Frostburg, Hancock, or Laurel, Maryland (MD) more than professional video production. Since 1994, our continued success has led us to expand our quality services. Click on any of the following to learn more: website design and development, website improvement, search engine optimization (SEO), programming, photography, virtual reality, medical and business copywriting, graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, trade show displays, trade show graphics, logo design, print brochure design, and much more!

Augmented reality is poised to transform how we learn and interact with the world around us. With the recent development of augmented reality platforms for Apple and Android mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and eyewear), design and development of custom AR mobile applications is within reach to more organizations than ever before. Augmented reality takes the view around a mobile device’s camera and adds custom graphics, animations, and text to augment the view with additional information that responds to the surrounding environment. Graphics, animations, and other information is presented within context of the real-world view. Augmented reality is thus positioned to be a perfect training tool, capable of providing sequential direction for the manipulation of real objects in real-time, while offering additional information for deeper insights. Augmented reality can also be used to recognize people and objects, which can be used to access relevant medical records, treatment plans, or more. Augmented reality grants most of the benefits of live, one-on-one experiential training to mobile applications, and can thus be used to broaden the reach of training programs while keeping demand on human resources minimal. Contact DDA today to learn how augmented reality can benefit your organization.

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