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What Dynamic Digital Advertising is All About

In many ways, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has been putting together the pieces since it began in 1994. First, we recreated the marketing and advertising field, and now we are offering the next generation of video and DVD production services for Medical or Corporate Videos. DDA is a full-service agency, which means companies and healthcare facilities can fill all advertising and marketing needs, as well as video production needs, with one company. Beyond our comprehensive production and post production services offered for Video Synched to PowerPoint (often misspelled Power Point), DDA also offers marketing and branding, casting, design, programming and website development services.

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Constantly striving to be better and on the cutting-edge, DDA can usher companies and facilities into the digital age. Our work in innovation has resulted in several firsts attributed to DDA. We can offer so much in the way of video and DVD production, like video editing and shooting, animation, special effects, and so much more, putting us well beyond all other film, DVD, and video media and entertainment production companies. Switch from video production to website services, copywriting needs for print marketing, or take Videos Synched to PowerPoint and turn them into a television (TV) commercial. With a state-of-the-art facility, DDA is able to seamlessly convert PowerPoint (misspelled as Power Point) to video, add slide shows and animation, and knows more about how to make a PowerPoint presentation into a Medical or Corporate Video than any other company.

The DDA Difference

  1. Marketing Systems™: Every time DDA undertakes a project, we have the full picture in mind. All of the services we offer can become part of a Marketing System™, which we build specifically for and customize to each client so that we are never just providing a service; we are launching a full-out marketing effort.
  2. All digital advertising needs under one roof: Look no further than just one company when it comes to video production or any marketing or advertising need. Get casting, video editing and shooting, special effects (FX), animation, and screenplay-quality scriptwriting and development for video production. Then receive copywriting, website development, graphic design, and 3D modeling for additional marketing and advertising needs.
  3. DDA’s staff works together to form the new frontier in marketing and advertising: Each and every one of our skilled professionals will come together to integrate technologies, knowledge, and talent for your project. Everything we do is a joint effort, from converting PowerPoint to Video, and adding animation and slides for flawless backgrounds synched perfectly to voice, to helping you identify the right talent from our network of professional and diverse actors and actresses.
  4. Interactive Integration™: In DDA’s constant advancement, in an attempt to provide the highest level of advertising and marketing services possible, we designed a technique that changes technology forever. Through Interactive Integration™, whole new technologies are a possibility, and information can be presented in ways never fathomed before.

DDA Always Keeps the Big Picture in Mind

From the moment we start a project, DDA is considering everything concerning an individual company or facility, from the health of its sales to traffic at its website. Every service we provide, whether it is casting, through our network of actors and actresses, screenplay-quality scripts and development, formatting to high definition (HD), or more, is interconnected with the ultimate goal in mind. DDA not only knows how to make a PowerPoint presentation into a video for Video Synched PowerPoint with flawless backgrounds like no other company, we genuinely care about how our service or services will impact your business.


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