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Webcast Video and Online Video Production by DDA, the Leader in Digital Marketing Production

In today's competitive advertising world, there is no better way to communicate with your target market and convey an image of innovation, than by creating an online Webcast Video with the leader in digital video production, DDA. Using the latest in video production technology, the most sophisticated equipment, and a talented team of video specialists, writers, and marketing experts, DDA creates compelling Corporate and Medical Videos that get your company, products, and services the attention they deserve and the results you desire.

The average consumer sees over 17,000 advertising messages everyday. In order to truly make an impression you need to entertain as well as inform viewers. DDA specializes in mastering the techniques of marketing and creating unique ways of combining the most advanced forms of film production and Internet technology with marketing messages that demonstrate the core values and competitive advantages of your corporation, business, or organization.

Create Webcast Video and Online Advertising With the Video Production Services of DDA

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!In the notoriously segmented industry of video production, DDA has surpassed the competition by reinventing the entire process of creating corporate and medical films. By modularizing the tasks involved in video production, DDA is able to offer a comprehensive list of services, making the process efficient, and fast, and keeping quality as high as possible. No matter where in the country you are, you can take advantage of DDA's revolutionary method of film production because Everywhere is Local for DDA. With affiliated studios, artists, and marketing experts, geography is no boundary to extraordinary Corporate Videos.

Utilize all of DDA's services including preproduction conceptualization, script writing, screenplay development, storyboarding, filming, casting actors and actresses, postproduction editing, special effects (FX), animation in 2D, 3D or flash animation, and much more. Because DDA is a full service video production studio and digital advertising firm, we also offer the services necessary to create a fully integrated whole Marketing System™. Not only can DDA plan, film, and edit an outstanding video specifically designed for streaming on the Internet, our experienced and degreed web designers can build a website to feature your DDA produced video. DDA is one of the only companies that can offer every service necessary for digital marketing success. From writing to the production of CD-ROMs and DVDs, DDA not only offers every service you need to succeed, but we also offer a stress-free process.

DDA's Innovative Method of Producing High Production Value Webcast Videos

Because of DDA's long history of Firsts and our commitment to innovation, we have reinvented the video production process and created an entirely new method for increased efficiency and benefits for our clients. By applying the industrial philosophy of lean manufacturing to film production, DDA can offer our clients the longest list of services in the industry, access to the latest in video production technology, and affordable hourly rates. Our clients have the ability to choose and pay for only the services their video project needs, offering custom videos and one-on-one interaction with all of the artists and professionals working on their film.

Choose DDA for your Webcast Video and Discover the Difference:

  1. Every digital advertising and marketing service with one company: Unlike other studios and production firms that specialize in only one area of production, DDA is one of the only companies that can truly do it all. DDA offers every service relating to the production and promotion of your online Webcast Video or streaming Internet video. Whether you need a short webmercial (internet commercial) or a compelling Corporate Capabilities or Spokesperson Video for your corporate homepage. DDA offers services including conceptualization, storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting, shooting, editing in postproduction, special effects (FX), web design or development, logo design, and more!
  2. DDA combines decades of experience with constant innovation for Webcast Videos that provide years of marketing success: With every project that DDA undertakes, we add corporate branding and marketing messages, along with competitor analysis-free of charge. As one of the premier digital marketing companies, DDA prides itself on creating integrated Marketing System™s that don't just fulfill short-term goals but provide years of useful marketing. A Webcast Video by DDA, whether streaming or static, is versatile and will be useful in a variety of formats. Have DDA produce your website video as part of CD-ROM or DVD for mailing out to prospective customers or hand them out at trade shows. With DDA, your options are virtually limitless.
  3. DDA creates Internet videos in every format: DDA can produce Internet streaming video that will be viewable by Mac users as well as PC users. We can place your video on CD-ROM, DVD, and we can even film your Corporate Video in high definition (HD) for broadcast on television (TV) or in anticipation of the day when Internet video is HD quality. At DDA we keep you years ahead of the competition so that your Corporate Videos will be relevant and modern for years in the future.

Choose DDA for the Best in Internet Video and Webcast Production

From the earliest stages of preproduction and planning your corporate Internet Video, DDA offers the experts, services, and technology you need to reach your target market and get the results that will help your company achieve long-term success. Call DDA today to find out how an Internet streaming Video can help your organization.


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