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A Look at Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Approach

Interactively Request Your Custom Video Quote Now!Webmercials take video advertising to the people, allowing potential clients and customers to browse new products or services in a setting that puts them in control – the Internet. Standing at the helm of the digital advertising industry, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is soon to rival that success in the field of video and DVD production. And no other video style puts DDA more in its element as online television (TV) commercials, allowing us to combine effective video and DVD production with the advertising and marketing skills that put our company on the map. The fragmentation of both the video production and marketing and advertising industries results in expensive, time-consuming Corporate and Medical Videos. A full-service advertising agency and video production company, offering services in website design and development, scriptwriting and development, which rival screenplay quality, programming, and so much more, DDA, can take your company or facility to the next level through the production of a Webmercial, and all other videos and DVDs.

Since our beginning in 1994, DDA has strived for the top, resulting in a long list of firsts credited exclusively to us. Continually engineering new technologies and techniques, DDA has taken its revolutionary approach of integration and holistic marketing, and applied it to video and DVD production, giving us the ability to produce high-quality commercials on the web like no other film or video entertainment or media production studio can. While your company or facility’s online commercial will cause potential clients and customers to take notice, the true-advantage of DDA comes from our full-picture mentality and ability to cross-purpose your Webmercial to format to high definition (HD), or a television (TV) commercial, among other possibilities. Use Webmercials as a draw to websites, a way to explain new products or services, as an educational tool, or a fun, interactive way to form a connection between your company or facility and clients and customers.

Why DDA is Like No Other Agency

  1. An open door to infinite possibilities: With the development of Interactive Integration™, the combination of technologies to form whole new ones or as part of an overall marketing effort, DDA has forever changed digital advertising and marketing. By adopting that methodology to Corporate or Medical Videos, and specifically Webmercials, DDA can create products that become digital experiences rather than advertisements.

  2. DDA builds Marketing Systems™: At DDA, your company or facility’s online television (TV) commercial is more than a job to us, it’s part of a Marketing System,™ built specifically to meet needs, goals, and get results. While other production studios and video, film, and DVD media and entertainment production companies, rarely look beyond the service they provide, DDA sees the whole picture. Our concerns center on the health of your sales, traffic at your website, and the impact of our services from the very beginning.

  3. Everything needed under one roof: Whether it’s Webmercials or additional Corporate or Medical Videos you’re interested in, DDA offers the service that will help make your dream a reality. Get screenplay-quality scriptwriting and development services, high definition capabilities, animation, special effects (FX), video shooting and editing, preproduction to post production services, and casting through our comprehensive network of professional actors and actresses. Expand your marketing effort beyond video production with DDA’s range of full services including copywriting, 2D and 3D animation, and graphic design services, to name a few.

  4. Working as one to meet your needs: The skills of DDA’s staff are as diverse and varied as the services we offer. Our focus on integration means with every service, including Webmercials, several employees of multiple expertise will be working side-by-side to create the most effective, high-quality video or DVD possible. Throughout the entire project, your company or facility will have the opportunity to speak directly with any of our staff assigned to your project, as well as much creative control as you desire.

The Full Picture Perspective

DDA wants to produce the best product, but more importantly we want your company or facility to see results. For video and DVD production like the web commercials, DDA is always looking at the big picture, continuously considering how the individual service fits into the overall marketing effort. By building a full-service agency, DDA has created a company that can provide well-rounded marketing and advertising strategies that allows us to use video production, the Internet, and print, not as single entities, but in combination, so each one reinforces and benefits the other. When it comes to the combination of digital advertising and video production, trust a company that has made that its business.


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