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Executive Summary

DDA, the Premier Video Production Company, Redefines and Reinvents the Website Spokesperson Video Production Process

A traditionally complicated and lengthy process, video production has become misunderstood, avoided, and altogether dreaded, as many companies continue to suffer the misfortune of having to hire several different companies to carry out the various tasks that accompany making a quality video. Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a leading digital advertising firm, has been focusing on redefining and reinventing the video production process. No longer does your company have to employ more than one company to produce and develop your Website Spokesperson Video. Instead, let DDA handle all facets of the video production process for you. Enjoy the hassle-free, linear fashion we provide our customers with when they come to DDA looking for a quality, high definition (HD) Medical or Corporate Website Spokesperson Video.

DDA Offers a Unique, But Hassle-Free Video Production Process for You and Your Company

At DDA, we require step-by-step approval for every stage of your Medical or Corporate Website Spokesperson Video. In fact, we encourage our clients to provide as much or as little input as they see fit. With your input and approval, DDA takes pride in letting you choose the direction of your Medical or Corporate Website Spokesperson Video. Don't stand back and let an inexperienced video production company choose the look and outcome of your video; instead, take control and guide DDA with your feedback and approval along each step in the video production process.

With DDA, you can expect to receive all the advantages of a small video production company (such as personal and exceptional customer service) as well as all the benefits of a technologically advanced digital advertising firm (such as Interactive Integration™). Let us surpass all of your expectations for your quality Medical or Corporate Video. Even better, let us enhance this video with any of the following value-added pre-production and postproduction services:

Choose DDA for Your Medical or Corporate Website Spokesperson Video and Receive:

  • An exclusive network of DDA-handpicked professional actors and actresses.
  • Direct communication with any and all of the individuals working on your video.
  • A linear approach to video production.
  • The ability to film your video anywhere since Everywhere is Local for DDA.
  • All invoices for hourly projects include a minute-by-minute description of the work completed for your entire video project, as recorded by the DDA TRACT (Time Resource and Accounting) , a program specially developed for our company by our very own in-house programmers.
  • Inexpensive hourly rates and a dedication to meet even the tightest of deadlines.

DDA: Experienced Video Production Team, Quality and Efficient Services, Affordable Prices

With an experienced staff of professionals, DDA takes pride in knowing that our continued success is a direct result of our impeccable production team. This team is comprised of degreed videographers, graphic designers, medical and business copywriters, programmers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, and more, providing a strong basis for versatility throughout our company. Inquire within or contact us today to find out more details on how DDA's media and video production services can benefit your company.

PowerPoint presentations remain one of the principle communication aides in spoken presentations, commonly used in the office, in educational settings, and at conferences. A custom PowerPoint design can help establish a strong organizational identity and grant a sense of sophistication to the presentation that can help keep audiences engaged and help them remember the unique perspective you have to offer. DDA’s professional graphic designers have worked to establish corporate and medical organizational brand identities across a wide variety of media since its inception in 1994. These core principles are applied to its custom PowerPoint presentation design to help enhance any speaking engagement. DDA can also produce and integrate video into PowerPoint presentations to give a richer multimedia impact. Contact DDA today to find out how to increase the impact of your next speaking engagement with custom PowerPoint design and video production.

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